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skis and boots :)

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Hi guys.i have few questions bassicaly i want to take my skiing to the next level so i want your oppinions about skis and boots.i like to ski fast,but to be able to make turns soo just give me idea of skis that would be the best .Thanks:)
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Where do you ski ?

First thing you need is good fitting boots. If we knew where you ski we could recommend a good boot fitter.

You'll need to read the reviews in the ski magazines and then pick a few to demo. We all have different taste's. There are a bunch of great skis out there. You just need to demo some.
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Most modern skis are capable of being skied at way-too-fast speeds, assuming you have the skills to properly ski at those speeds in the first place.  That is, the speed at which most modern skis start becoming "unstable" is a lot faster then most people will ever want to be skiing.

That said.  Generally speaking, the longer the ski, the more stable it becomes.  Real downhill racing skis -- i.e., skis built for eye-watering don't-fall speeds -- are long.

Speed stability also depends on what type of terrain you're skiing -- skis built for hauling in deep snow and skis built for hauling on groomers are two different animals.
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Height/ Weight and Ski Ability are needed.  Also, what kind of skiing do you do?
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 well i ski something like downhill mostly in granjska gora-slovenia or badkleinkirchheim-austria its all very good tracks :) i hate hauling in deep snow
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