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Looking for an aggressive all Mountain Ski for the Northeast

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 I just got back from Mad River Glen,  where I rented a pair of Dynastar Legend 8000's.  I really loved these skis and would jump at the chance to purchase them if I could find a used/demo pair.  I skied on a pair of 178's and was happy.

I like to ski aggressively, lots of bumps, trees and steeps, with short turns in true New England fashion.  I am 6'2",225lbs and athletic.

 I have been scouring the internet for other brands that have a similar ski.  I am interested in the Watea 84's too.  Curious how these would compare to the 8K's.

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You will be able to find a pair of the 8000s easily if you spend five or ten minutes with Google. If you liked them, get them. I tried a pair of Wateas last year they were fine. Light, not as damp as the Legends, possibly a bit turnier, and they make a funny noise on hard snow that I personally didn't care for.
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I bought the Legend 8000s 2 months ago (08/09 model) and am very happy with them....for similar all-mountain east coast terrain - northern VT.  There are alot of used/demo pairs out there, esp in 178.  If it helps, I was down to the 8000s, Blackeyes and Watea 78. 
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Try to get an additional coupon code. Yesterday was 30% off the sale price. http://www.sierratradingpost.com/search/SearchResults.aspx?allwords=legend%208000&searchdescriptions=True
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I have three pairs of 8k's scattered around the country, so obviously I enjoy them very much, but you may want to take it up a notch and try the Mythic Riders, which are about 10mm bigger underfoot, and a bit stiffer too.
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 Thanks for all the input.  I bought some 8000's.  Very excited to get out on them!
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Yesterday was the first time I got my 8000s out in some serious powder.  I was nervous from a couple of reviews on here that were quite critical of it's (deep) off-piste performance.  I found them to be super, again, as I have it pretty much all conditions so far.  Now, I wasn't in 3 feet of untracked mind you.  It was more like 1-2+ feet of tracked pow and/or bumped/slightly bumped up pow, off Superstar chair at Killington (Vt).  It was the place to be yesterday!  I'm 200 lbs on 172s.  What a fun ski, Sno-fun is right - a great mid-fat for the east.  They provided plenty of heft underfoot.  I didn't "sink" at all; it seemed with any real speed and/or reasonable pitch, that was even not a concern.  I could see people finding them a tad "grabby" in the surfy/smeary/grainy stuff, but I was able to power through and ride it out w/ no problems.  As the day went on, and bumps got bigger, the 8000 gets better and better.  You can still carve it or skid it when you need to and at any turn radius, it's quick enough to maneuver around in there, and it can handle the big pillow landings (at least as long as my body could!).  I was wiped out (as was everyone), perhaps they're more work than a beefier ski.  I would have liked to tried to tried a 90mm+ waisted ski for comparison.  No complaints at all though.     
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Originally Posted by lkazzi View Post

 I would have liked to tried to tried a 90mm+ waisted ski for comparison.  No complaints at all though.     

Try the Mythic Rider (90mm underfoot) and you'll see why  I mentioned it. It's not a pow ski, but it has fantastic power through powder and doesn't get deflected by crud. Think of the next level of performance over the 8k, and you'll have the feeling

In late November at Whistler, the snow was DEEP (13ft during the month), but it was also heavy, and while I also have MR's stored there, I just took out the 8k's so I didn't kill my legs, and got very good performance for 5 days straight (OK, i should be in better shape, but, oh well).

The 8k will go down in ski annals as a fantastic ski during its era. It does most everything at least very well, and many, many things extremely well. For least coast skiing, it's a great all-around tool.
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Just returned yesterday from 3 weeks in Summit County, CO and put 18 days on my 8000s.  They have to be the perfect ski for a wide variety of western conditions - powder, crud, steeps, bumps, groomers, etc.  Very versatile, forgiving, yet plenty of performance.   While I would consider it a decent ski for the east, it doesn't have enough hard snow grip for me.   
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Depends what and when you're skiing I guess.  If its true bulletproof, I won't even bother.  I have found the edge grip plenty solid in all other conditions.  Glad to hear you say they can handle most of the variety out west.  Skiing is skiing after all, unless you're in 3 feet of untracked, which is pretty damn cool the few times I've been lucky enough to do it. 

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Can't pass up an I love my Legend 8K thread. Heading out to Utah with mine on Thursday. I'm trying out a 1-3 tune and will see how that works.
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