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Park City Trip: 2/13 - 2/20 - Suggestions on Where to Ski

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Hello -
I will be making my first visit to Utah.  We will be staying in Park City.  I am trying to decide where to spend the time skiing - I am open to suggestions.  I am a Killington skier who prefers Killington's trees and older trails.  When at Heavenly, I've enjoyed all the tree skiing on the Nevada side as well as Mott & Killebrew Canyons - but not a big fan of narrow chutes - When at Vail, I head straight to Blue Sky Basin.

Based on what I've read about the areas in Utah - I am gravitating towards the Canyons & Alta.  I will have my 17 year old daughter with me who will follow me anywhere I take her within reason.

Should I not waste the time at Park City and concentrate on the Canyons and Alta/Snowbird?  I prefer not to spend a lot of time driving from Park City to the other canyons.  So my preliminary thinking is the following - maybe 1 day at Park City, 3 days at Canyons, 1 or 2 days at Alta/Snowbird

Suggestions are welcome particularly as it relates to best gladed skiing and terrain. 
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Why not ski all the Park City ski area's, and then Alta, Snowbird, and Solitude?
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 Come on over to this thread:  www.epicski.com/forum/thread/91357/utah-2-15-2-22-anyone-gonna-be-there#post_1184688

We are milling around trying to start to organize some meet-ups.
So far, there are three 17 year-old boys in the mix.  (Not sure if that's a good or bad thing from your viewpoint.)

I'm not planning to get over to the Park City side, but I think some people are going to be over there.

We had a trip several years ago that was mostly PCMR. It has some nice trees, even though you don't hear about them much.  I think Park City is a better ski area than it gets credit for.  And I love the Town Lift -- not for any rational reason, but it is just plain cool.
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 Will watch the thread, and post there if it fits for us to meet up - and thanks for the tip on PCMR - my daughter will definitely like the town lift - it sounds as though it is at least worth a day or two
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At this point, what all the resorts need is snow- the forecast for Friday the 12th has snow in the forcast, but it might not be much. And after skiing the 'bird yesterday(Tues-9th) the snow at the lower altitude resorts Canyons-PCMR,Dr Vly) vs the cottonwoods won't be in as good condition. Plus it's a big wkend for skiing. If there is no snow Friday, I'd look at Deer Valley also; at least the groomers will be good shape as maybe enough powder left amongst the trees that you would like to go thru albeit your daughter might not want to venture thru. Please remember there are no discount tickets available for PCMR/DV/Cnyns in Park City- u must buy down in SLC before driving up.
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Offbtnpath -
Thanks for the heads up - planning to buy the discount tickets at Canyon Sports in downtown SLC upon arrival on Saturday.  I "found" some friends who are spending the winter in Utah and are regular Snowbird/Alta skiers and know the "stashes".  While the fresh snow is little, they say the "stashes" are still skiing fairly well at Alta/Snowbird.  Right now the plan is shaping up to be 
Sat PM - Park City
Sun - Canyons  (Saddleback/SunPeak/Condor trail pod)
Mon - Canyons  (Peak 5, Dreamscape, Dreamcatcher trail pod)
Tue - Snowbird (?)
Wed - Alta (meeting w/local friends)
Thu - Alta/Snowbird (meeting w/local friends)
Fri - Park City

Doesn't look like much snow in the forecast for next week either - oh well, wish Utah (& Vermont) could get some of that snow going to waste in the Mid-Atlantic states
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