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Head Peak 88

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Are these worth it?  Reading a lot of mixed reviews.  Anyone have the new Head Peak 88s?

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I demoed them recently.  I have no experience with the Monster series so I wasn't biased.  Very comfortable skis and quite decent in the soft snow.  The edge grip on scratchy terrain, however, was not good.  It could have been the tune.  I demoed Mantras after and thought they were superior in every way.  I also tried some Sultan 85s.  Not as damp as the Peak 88s but certainly better grip.
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I have no experience with the Peak 88's, but I'm betting that it was the tune.  I've worked on a few pair of Head's recently (Monster 88's and Monster 82's) and their factory base and edge finish leave something to be desired.  Properly tuned they will hold on anything and ski great.  I did send back a pair of Monster 88's last year that had major line issues.  Head quality control is not airtight, but their skis do ski very well.
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