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Pulled Calf Muscle recovery time

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I'm not sure the difference between a tear and pulled muscle, but Sunday it sure felt like a tear in deep snow.   Since then everyday gets much better than the prior. With the snow falling again, it's very difficult hanging around versus 'gittin' some'. (A short tour might scratch the itch and test it out, however.)

Assuming a pulled muscle, what is a smart time frame to 'allow' for moderate recovery? Will wrapping it in some way help to avoid re-damage or is this a placebo?
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 A pulled muscle or muscle tear is the same thing. There are degrees of tear - recommended time off will depend on what degree.  The range is a few days to a few months, so internet diagnosis is going to be pretty tough.  If you go back too soon it could definitely make it worse, but if it's a mild tear, it's probably not a big deal.  Still, I'd want to either go see a sports med doc or at very least go see an athletic therapist or massage therepist to get the soft tissue worked on and get their advice.

Otherwise have you been icing?  RICE will likely be what will be recommended: rest, ice, compression, elevation.    

It is possible to tape most things for some support, but self-taping is not a good idea.
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I pulled or tore a calf muscle a dozen or so years ago.  Ankle and foot turned black and blue and I couldn't flex the foot forward (had to walk like Igore).  The doc I saw about it advised six weeks of rest before returning to skiing and said when the discomfort from normal walking disappeared, I could start skiing gently.  If you didn't have enough tear to have blood flooding through the lower tissues, your time off could be shorter.
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Well, it must be mild or in the right place so I could ski but 'very uncomfortable' to walk in ski boots. But skate skiing is fine, go figure? RICE did help initially and I took it easy for most the week and it paid off for a fun couple days.
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