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Deer Valley Moguls

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Hi all!!  I will be skiing Deer Valley in three weeks and am looking for some local's advice.  I am looking for good mogul slopes.  I would like to start with moderate warm up style runs and then move up from there.  Can anyone give some advice as to where to start?

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Some of the trails off of the Wasatch and Sultan express have great bumps.  Empire bowl is also usually bumped up.  When you get to the top of the lift, ask one of the mountain "guides"

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The best spot for "warm up bumps" is usually on the runs around the Red Cloud char on Flagstaff Mt.  From there, Mayflower, Empire Canyon and Lady Morgan often have the best bumps.
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When I skied DV in '07 we skied the trail Ruins of Pompei (or something like that). It was bumped up wall to wall and pillowy soft. Went on forever.!!

Frankly, it kicked my ass.!!
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