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Video Trip Report - Jackson Hole OB 1-27-10

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Just a little excursion into Rock Springs canyon in the JH sidecountry.  I'm trying out my new little toy, a Vholdr Contour HD 1080P helmet cam.  It's kind of fun to play with and hopefully I'll learn to not tip my head when I'm skiing with it.

The skiing was, ummm, excellent.

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 That's a nice Bob's Eye View!
Thanks for sharin'!
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Nice Bob,  Awesome vid. I love the tighter tree line, that was so sweet, I could smell the pine!  I love that stuff. What ski's you on?  glad you are enjoying the goods now.  It looked like the lens moved a little, it's one of the draw backs to that camera (as well as nice feature), the lens can be adjusted but it doesn't lock in. I have had the same issues with it, going through trees or after a fall, it can shift on you. You may want to use the lasers to re-allign the lens every now and then.

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My friend just got the same camera and took some fun vids at Snowbird last week. Looks like I'll be adding this to my wishlist. :)

I agree with Finn, those trees look like a blast.
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I have the Vholdr 1st generation of camera's. Nice but hard to tell when the power's on and that lens thing. I am sure the Version Bob has is improved.
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Good stuff! 

See, helmets are not too bad.
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Funny looking skis.

Nice video, Thanks
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post

Funny looking skis.


For those who don't know, those are the Head Jimi 110's.

And speaking of which... all the naysayers who talk about how fugly those skis are would be very surprised to hear all the COMPLIMENTS that people are giving me on the looks of that ski. 

I've only skied them for three days this season, but I've probably received more than a dozen unsolicited positive comments.  Absolutely no one has come up and said they suck.

I just don't understand it.
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Gracias, Senor Roberto.
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Ha!  How to win friends and influence people.

"Hi, how you doin'?  I'm Greg.  Nice to meet you.  Those are the ugliest skis I've ever seen."

I don't mind the psychedelic Head topsheets.  Hell, if you look at the 2011 lineup from almost all the manufacturers you'll see they're almost understated.  Flouro is coming back!
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I like them Bob, trippy and cool, you ever seen the tops on Icelantic Nomads?
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Huh, how could I've missed this?

Very good video and the conditions seem to be excellent. What really surprises me is that you're skiing on a ski that fat. Glad you dug it! 
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