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Help give me some direction on replacing my Metron M:Ex

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Hey guys, Im a newbie to the forum, and thought you might be able to provide me with some direction in replacing my Metron M:Exs.  Have been very happy skiing the metrons for the past five seasons or so, but the heel on one of the binding blew up last time out, so  I guess its time to find some new sticks (short version is that even though those bindings are part of the recall, dont think Atomic will be replacing them because they are demo bindings...even tho I bought them with only a few demo days on them due to the fact they were kind of beefy for the typical renter)

Me:  live in the east (CT), ski both E and W most years; im 6'3" 295#, Good bit of fairly high speed cruising, and powder/crud whenever available; not much of a bumper any more;  I used to be a relatively good skier (college racer) but as i've gotten older (40) and fatter, with less days out  per year, im not pushing as hard as i used to.  However, the one thing i dont have any patience for is a wimpy ski.  And given my size, a lot of skis fall into the category for me (to put it in perspective for the older guys like me, i was a long-time, hard core 207 GS race stock guy for my all mountain skiing, including bumps, back in the "old days") 

What i liked about the metrons:  Skied the 185.  Thought they were a great all-mountain ski.  In the west I thought they handled the pow and crud just fine...not as well as a fat, but good for an all mountain.  In the east i had no problem skiing the groomers and occasional bumps with them, and i liked the "big platform" they provided.  Overall, i just thought they provided a nice stable, solid all around ride, and i had no problem cranking tight turns on them when i had to.

What i didnt like about the metrons:  not much.  i guess they werent the lightest ski to carry, but BFD.  just meant the wife would bitch if she ever had to move or carry them  :)

What im looking for: an top of the line all-mountain ski that provides as stable a platform, with as much performance, as did the metron.  Doesnt have to be the latest model year ski if there are deals to be had on last years model, but i'l probably be skiing these for at least another 5 years, so ive got a fairly long-term perspective.  Probably not inclined to go with twin tip or rocker (unless someone can convince my why i should, given my description above) since ive never skied on either before.  I wish i had the time to demo a few different skis, but given the timing for me needing to get a new pair, thats probably not in the cards this time.....

I had one shop recommending a Supermojo 103 Team in either a 183 or 193, but after doing a bit of reseach im worried that while they certainly sound beefy, they may be too much of a plank for what im looking for.

Anyway, thanks in advance, and i look forward to the recommendations
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You should consider the Atomic Crimson Ti. Versatile, stable at speed, great edge hold, and able to crank off short turns when needed. Some think it is on the stiff side, which it is, but it would match up to your height and weight nicely in a longer length. It's 86 under foot with an 18 m turn radius. Another consideration in the Atomic line would be the D2 vario flex 82. I haven't skied it though and so I could only repeat what I've heard. You should be able to find demo's in both.
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The Mex 175 was my only ski for several years.  I just got some Blizzard Magnun 8.7 174 and like them a lot.  They might be a bit stiffer and more race ski like, but they seem to do everything the Mex did.  Maybe they need a bit more energy input but the trade off is I think they have more edge grip.  I got some powder skis too, so I can't comment about the Blizzard's powder performance, but I know what you mean about the Mex skiing powder well.

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Try the Nomad Savage.
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The new skis are better and better. First, I'd get a new set of binding onto your old ski and use them or sell them unless they are skied out. 
Based upon your self description I would not recommend a ski wider than 90mm underfoot. My feeling is that when that threshold is crossed carvability is comprised when on the groomers.
Since a very short turn radius is not on your list of needs and a ski with some all mountain versatility without too much sacrifice of speed skiing I'd reiterate a previous recommendation of the Blizzard 8.7 (or 8.1 which is narrower but still powder friendly depending on how much you want it to be powder/off piste oriented).  If on the wider side, the LINE Prophet 90 is very good. While it is a twin it is really an all mountain ski, easy to carve and ALTA ready! 

If you are leaning toward the fast lane, two skis at 72 mm's underfoot that are excellent are the Blizzard Supersonics or the ELAN Magfire 14's.  Both hold a great edge at varying turn angles and both look great.  At 295 lbs, you, pardon me for saying, are not particularly petite. You need a strong ski with some pop...  
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Originally Posted by Betaracer View Post

Try the Nomad Savage.

What I was thinking, very similar ski.

Kastle MX 78 or 88.

I ski the MX 98 as my everyday, but then I live in Jackson and ski everyday.

Nordica makes a number of strong skis, with mid to wide waists and plenty of sidecut like the MEX.

Stockli VXL?

Definitely not a Monster 103, that thing has no sidecut and is as boardy as they come!  Would be great for corn and crud in a big mountain environment, but probably not what you are looking for.
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Consider a Demo on a pair of Volkl AC50's.  Big beefy ski a guy your size might like a lot.  Nice all mt ski with a lot of torsional stiffness that leans towards the front side.  It will rail it will pivot and I thought it was okay in loose snow, never did find its speed limit either.  

A lot of shops have had these as demos so there should be some buys on some gently used ones.  I really liked them, the tips turned up in front and everything.  Personally thought they showed their pedigree of coming from a European ski co with a racing background.  Know they are not the quickest thing from edge to edge but a very stable ski that rewarded decent technique.   
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Thanks guys, appreciate the suggestions.  Was able to demo several skis, including the AC50 and Elan 82 XTi.  I thought the Elan was an OK, but wasnt quite as smooth as the others.  I very much liked the AC50, and if i was looking for two skis...one front side, one back side...i would most likely buy the AC50 for the front.  With the AC50, I could put the ski up on edge, and just sit back and enjoy the ride. Transition from turn to turn was nice and crisp, and i just seemed like a insanely smooth and precise high speed ride, but I never felt like i had to constant be "on" to make it turn.  The down side was even though i didnt get to really try it in any crud/loose, i just really got the feeling that it wouldnt be as well suited to the backs as i am looking for in a do-everything ski.

At the end of the day, i ended up buying an Atomic Crimson Ti in 183 with xt 14 bindings.  It didnt actually have a chance to demo the crimsons, but since two of my last three skis have been atomics, i feel pretty comfortable i know what im getting myself into.  What pushed me over the edge on buying these was what i think was a pretty damn good deal i got on the 09/10 ski with the xt14 (from a certain "atomic specialist" from outside Denver).  Beat my best local price by hundreds of $$ and had the size and binding i wanted.

Hoping they show up in the enxt few days so i can try them out this weekend.  Anyway, thanks again for everyone's input.
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For a guy your size you could look at the Nordica Hell Cat, or the Helldiver - both are stiff, wide-waisted carvers.  They don't make a whole lot of sense for smaller guys - too stiff for soft snow and too wide for on-piste, but at your size you may be able to make them work for you.

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