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Base or Side Edge First

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Hey everyone, new guy here. I started skiing in 1983, then took up Snowboarding in 1987 up until now. I'm back to skiing after 23 years.

Anyway, my question is, Which do you work on first? Your Side Edge or Base Edge?

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Bottom edges should not need much work.  Its better to get a base grind and put .5 to 1 degree of bevel in, then just keep it dressed.  Continued filing or sharpening of base edges tends to put in too much bevel.   In a full tune, the base is set then the sides, followed by deburring ( a light stroke with the gummy stone).
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Sorry, that's what I meant. I was talking about polishing and keeping them sharp. I understand not filing your edges once there set.

So are you saying to not even polish the base edge? Say with Al-Ox stones or Ceramic Stones?
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