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creative teaching

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I'm prepping for the Level 2 part 2 test. Does anyone have any creative teaching scenerios that I can have so I can practice coming up with a lesson plan for that situation using creative teaching and power of transfer or know where I can find some. The ATM and Core Concepts don't have any. I'm from the Eastern Division.
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In my practice session I came up with the analogy of Thanksgiving dinner. You know how at Thanksgiving dinner everybody starts the dinner by passing the food around the table? Afterwards the food servings are left in the middle of the table. Decorum requires that people wanting seconds ask to have the food passed to them, but eventually the meal gets to the point where if the food is close, but just beyond reach you just get up from your chair a little and reach for the plate. That's the same movement we want for a crossover turn initiation.
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thanks rusty
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