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steeps after big dump?

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Last week I took a steep run lesson on packed powder.It was easy to ski on but my instuctor told me to stop chopping down hard on my edges to control my speed but to just turn my tips up,let the tails slip a little,and gracefully release into my next turn.This worked out great and I skied away a happy camper.
That night it snowed 10"-12"and did fine in the am but by afternoon I was having trouble with big push piles with hard spots between. I found myself reverting back to making hard edge sets.Should I treat these conditions like bumps or just trust my skies? Any thoughts?
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you need to trust your skis. try to get the skis to run tip to tail instead of any sideways (skidding) motion. Patience turns. Try counting slowly to 3 as you make each turn. Let the ski come around without forcing the turn.
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When skiing the "mushmellows" I like to employ what I call the "two footed blasting technique". Evenly weight both skis to keep the mush from catching an unweighted foot, straightline or traverse the ice patches and use the mush piles to turn and control speed. Dovetails with the concept of "skiing like a bull" - forceful, aggressive use of the available snow "features" for turning.

Yes, trust your skis to turn but think ahead to make the best use of the snow.
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Good points! thanks
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