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Ski Upgrade Advice: Rossi Zenith Z1 vs K2 Sidewinder

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Read through a number of thread here and found them very useful. I am looking for an advice in my specific situation now and would appreciate opinions:

I am an intermediate skier: 6-6'1; 155 pounds. Prefer faster style of skiing and lately have switched to mostly blacks, with some blue's in between. On average I get out 12-15 days each winter, and ski mostly in Ontario.
For the last three seasons I have used K2 Omni 4.5, 174cm. I never had problems with the length, and the grip is good. They are pretty worn out by now though and I think that I am curbing my progress a little now after three seasons, as I now move more to the black runs.

Now I looked at a few skiis in my price range: Volki AC Unlimited, Atomic High Noon, K2 Apache Sidewinder and Rossi Z1. I was able to narrow it down to the last two (both 170cm), and am stuck a little bit. The salesperson in the store recommended Z1 all the way, but after doing some research it seems that it is more of a beginner-intermediate ski. The same guy said that the Sidewinder has an unusual shape which makes carving more difficult, and recommended Z1's over these.

I am looking for a pair that would challenge me but allow me to get to the next level with few problems. And I still want to enjoy both blues and blacks in different conditions (I stay mostly on groomed runs).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Any suggestions anyone?


Thanks in advance

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According to Rossi's web page the Z1 is for "Aspiring expert skiers who are looking for a versatile and stable all-mountain ski.To get carving on medium slopes. For a variety of terrain at medium plus speeds."

Does that sound like you?

That's for this ski. I don't know anything about the K2s.
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I have a pair of Rossi Z9's and love them.  You could try getting your hands on some Z10's as well.  Very similar ski and a little stiffer then the 1's.   From what you described above you can't go wrong with either of these.
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I also ski on Z9s and love them. Rossignol's web page says the Z9s are for "Expert skiers seeking a high-speed agility of a carving ski with the versatility & stability. Excels in both short and long radius turns."

Since kzanton described himself as an intermediate I'm not sure if the Z9 would be too much ski.

Is there anywhere you can demo skis kzanton? That would be the best thing.
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My friend who sounds a lot like you just got into Sidewinders and loves them, but at 170 he finds them a little squirmy (like you he likes to ski fast on the blues & single blacks).  However, the 170 length has helped him in the bumps and trees a lot.  It's a trade off!

The Sidewinder is a good ski but I don't believe has the drastic side-cut of the Rossi so technique will be a little more important.  Me, I'm a Volkl person so I would recommend the AC20 or 30 for a good all mountain ski. 
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Thanks very much for all the responses, guys.
RossiGuy, yes the description sounds a lot like me, but from what I read on the different forums and reviews, the skis are actually beginner-level. I don't want to invest in a pair that will prevent me from progressing.
I get the impression that Z1 might be too beginner-oriented for me. Unfortunately, the list that I posted: AC, Highnoon Sidewinder and Z1 are the only ones available to me. The local store has a very good promo, and all of those are in my price range now. I don't have an option to demo any of them at the moment too.
Out of those, which pair would you recommend the most, that would help me to progress, but not be overly difficult at my level?

Bob4Snow, that for the response. I am looking at Sidewinders more now, not entirely sure if would fit my level though?
The only Voki available is AC Unlimited, which I gather is beginner oriented: http://www.sportchek.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=3724177
Please let me know if my understanding is correct.

Appreciate all the help.
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IMHO if you're worried about these skis being too beginner oriented don't buy any of them.

Look around on line and see what you can find. There are often very good deals to be had on prior year left overs.  I bought my new Z9s two years ago on eBay from a ski shop in Vermont. They have an integrated binding system that came with instructions as to how to attach them to the skis. Set the DIN and you're ready to go. You could have the tuning center (if you have one) at your local mountain adjust the DIN setting for you as well.
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Yes, the AC Unlimited is their beginner model.  The AC30 would fit your needs much better
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