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Best beginner trails at Vail?

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Our family is planning to visit Vail for the first time.  I am looking at the trail map, and don't know where to start because Vail is so big.  Any guides to the best green terrains are greatly appreciated. i.e where to start Lionshead or Vail Village? Best way to make connection between lifts, easy way to come down the mountain without skiing thru blue. Parking where we can catch the shuttle, pay or free? How far is from the bus drop off to the lift?

Thanks in advance for your tips.

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Don't go to Vail if you're not comfortable skiing blues.  Most of the greens at Vail seem to be catwalks, some of them very flat and very crowded and narrow at spots.  There's Sourdough lift up top that has some dedicated greens, but then it's a l-o-n-g way down green catwalks to get to the bottom.  Here's the trail map of the front: http://www.alpineadventures.net/images/trailmaps/Vail.jpg  Any dotted green line = catwalk.  You'll see there aren't that many solid green lines.
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 I'd be hard pressed to argue with faisasy, there are a lot of cat walks at Vail.

That said, my wife is a green, easy blue skier and she loves Vail. She skis laps off the Gondola to Chair 2 and back again. She skis lapse from Lost Boy to the chair and back.  She loves the greens near the 2 Elk area off the SourDough Lift as well as Christmas at Mid Vail.

She doesn't ski to the bottom of the mountain on the front side. She downloads at the end of the day.
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 Interesting flight plan Coach.  Lost Boy actually is a fantastic green slope, and the Sourdough lift is also a good idea.  I've skied Vail over 100 times and agree that it's not a beginner mountain.  It's a great intermediate mountain, so it sounds like your wife is more of an intermediate.  So yes it does have some nice greens, but not a good layout for beginners.

Depending on MTV's level it might not be the right mountain.

Beaver Creek has great green terrain at the top.
Copper has awesome green terrain which is well segregated from the blues and blacks.

Vail also has lots of difficult terrain too of course.   
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Thanks for your inputs.  I am early 50 and learned to ski for the first time approximately 5 years ago.  I have skied greens at Breck, Copper and Beaver.  I am not a complete beginner, greens at Peak 9 (Breck) and Union creek (Copper) are easy for me.  I like green at the top at Beaver but don't like the catwalk from mid mountain.  To avoid catwalk, I skied little blue in between green to get down the mountain, it was a little challenge for me but it was not over my head (because it is short distance).  To avoid catwalk at Vail, I can ride the gondola down, right?

I am also looking at Keystone, I like to ride the gondola all the way to top of mountain but I heard the greens at Keystone are more like blue at Breck. How are the greens compared to Vail and Beaver.  Among of the resorts I visited, so far I like Beaver the most, free parking, quick shuttle pick up and drop off, groomed middle of day.  My kids also liked BC, they are intermediate skier but still beginner snowboarder. 

Previous Spring break we stayed close to the resort.  This time we will stay in Dillon and have the car.  That being said, should I give Vail a try or just stick with BC? How about Keystone to shorten the commute?

One more question, one friend in our group wants to drive to Steamboat for one day.  It is approximately 2 hours from Dillon in a perfect driving condition.  Are we crazy?


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