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TR: Breckenridge Jan 24-30

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Since we couldn't make it to the Jackson outing, we ditched philpug, noofus, and lovebug for Breckenridge.  Day one was brutal cold with lots of nice wind pack.  afski722, my wife, and I started the day on groomers to warm up since only Peak 7 and 9 lifts were open.  pfblack ditched us for a full group day lesson which turned into a half day private.  The altitude got to my wife mid day after we drug her up the T-bar.  afski722 and I hit Horseshoe bowl a few times and took a reduced vis ride up to Imperial Bowl.  It was too cold for pictures....

Today was beautiful bluebird, calm winds, and comfortable temps.  afski and I hit the T-bar a few times then trekked out to Peak 7 past Whale's Tail from the top of the Imperial Chair for some fresh lines.  It may have been the first day this was open as it was full of heavy wind slab at the top, slabby crud in the middle, and avvy debris at the bottom.  I needed bigger skis for this.  We met up with my wife and bombed groomers off Peak 10, 9, and 8 to finish the day.  pfblack got himself an oxygen concentrator after a bout of sinus infection and bronchitis.  It didn't stop him from beating some meatballs into shape for dinner.

cbire880 on Horseshoe Bowl

cbire880 (first) and afski722 (second) after hiking to the top of Peak 7

Wind slab and heavy crud on Peak 7 Bowls

cbire880 navigating the bowl

Everyone watching while pfblack beats the meat into shape

The neverevers in the group start a 3 day lesson progression and did great today.  More to follow tomorrow...
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"beats the meat into shape"
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Originally Posted by Mr. Vertical View Post

"beats the meat into shape"
Actually, meatballs this time.  He is the executive chef and has been doing an outstanding job.  Now only if he would get over this sinus induced altitude issue and pound the mountain with us instead of the meat.
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Looks great!
The Breckenridge web site is showing 6 inches of new snow, that should freshen things up a bit for you.
My wife and I will be at Breckenridge on the 31st, save some snow.
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Good stuff!

We missed you at JH but now I am wishing we were out at Breck with you guys right now...  Sitting in this office sucks.  I need to get a job that pays me to go skiing or something.
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We aren't sure where the 6 inches are, but we will look for them.  More snow called for tomorrow and Sunday, so it should be in great shape for next week.  Good coverage over most of the mountain, but some of the trees are still a little thin.  We skied the Burn yesterday and did quite a bit of stump and log dodging.
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  Maybe the 6 inches of snow exists only on their web page... or behind a tree on peak 8.
I hope you find it!
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Originally Posted by MnRider View Post

  Maybe the 6 inches of snow exists only on their web page... or behind a tree on peak 8.
I hope you find it!

"The Great Hunt for 6" at Breckenridge 2010" 

I doubt that Breck has had more than 1 day of  6"  or greater snowfall this season......
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Well despite popular belief we found the 6 inches.  There was 4-6 inches over most of the mountain.  Bottom groomers were thinner, but there was well over 6 inches in the upper bowls.  We found knee to waist deep stashes off the Lake Chutes and Cucumber Bowl.  Pics will follow.
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Some beats none.

The upper reaches had some nice stuff. Wirepatch, on lower Peak 7, was great fun this morning, too, with my GF, the intermediate. That and Lincoln Park hadn't been groomed. Binding deep. When it isn't steep you don't need more.

USASkiDawg can roll on the floor but was he skiing today?
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Day 3 yielded some unexpected "powderoy" throughout most of the mountains and significant powder in the upper reaches.  It was another charging day for us with more snow falling as we departed the area at 4.

cbire880 and pfblack after hiking to the top of Peak 8

afski722 atop Peak 8

The pow was hiding off the cornice in the Lake Chutes.

afski722 descending the easy side of the Lake Chutes
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Great shots, glad you found some of that elusive 6 inches of snow.

Three more days, then I'll be there!
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