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Hi all,

I currently own a pair of Rossi Z9's and I am looking for a fatter ski, round a 86-90 waist, to use on my trips out west, or for powder days out here in the east.  I would classify myself as an advanced intermediate with a desire to improve, 5'11" 175 lbs. 

I was tossing around two mid-fat skis and have been reading mixed reviews about both.  The Head Peak 88's, decendents of he monsters, which I've read some good and bad things about.  Also, the Rossi Phantom SC87's which I'm reading might be too "intermediate" for someone who wants to get better.  


Anyone own these skis, or demoed them that can add some insight?  I live on the east coast, and not very close to the mountains so its very hard for me to demo, unfortunately.  Thanks...