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This seems like a silly question, I'm sure. But, here goes anyway. I will be with my parents on a trip to Vail / BC in March and on their best days, they are light blue skiers. (Learned to ski in their 60s, now in their early 70s and love to ski but only get 1 week a year.) I'd like to take them to Two Elk Lodge for lunch, the view into China Bowl will impress them, and for them to have access to the trails off the Sourdough lift. But when I was at Vail a month ago, the top of the Timberline Catwalk was too bumped up for them. Was that perhaps because of the early season conditions and it wasn't being groomed? Or is it regularly like that? Anyone there recently know the condition of that first pitch? I think they will mostly hang out on the Cinch chair trails at BC, but still would like for them to make some runs at Vail. Thanks!