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Marker Griffon Schizo

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I purchased the Griffon Schizo in Nov 2009. I have been very pleased with your binding. Until 2 weeks ago when I was at the top a lift. and I needed to move the bindings forward. So I got my screw driver and pulling it forward and one of my bindings the cable loop came out from outside the binding!!! To my suprise!! I was able to take the binding apart with the help of a friendly ski patrol person. and we got it back together. After looking at the groves I noticed alot of wear.

The cable of these bindings pulls the heel part forward or back.  It will bow and the loop of the front part of the binding cable slips under the holder and causes the cable to become free.  I have found this to be very lame on the top of the hill. 

Anyone else having this issue??

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I doubt many people on this forum use the Schizo, in any case how are you liking your NAS?
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The NAS is super great at the top of most mountains where there is ice.  And the are also very fun in the pow.  In fact having 8 edges makes it hard to caught one and fall because of how short they are,

If I don't get resolution with this marker bindings they will be removed and tossed.  Not being able to trust a binding is a very bad thing. 

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Well I took them to my local Ski Shop and the tech believes they are defective and is sending them back to Marker and they should be putting a new set of bindings on them soon. 

I sure hope Marker came make it good before my next trip in 9 days.... 

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Notice the way the cable that is connected to the front part of the binding how it holds the back binding in place.  This is what keeps coming out.  Why is there NOT a screw or something holding this in place??  This binding is NOT ready for production.   I feel very lucky to not have broken my legs with this binding.  Well it only costed $340.

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Hei, quick question: how do you remove the toe piece from the front track? Just screwing the adjustment screw all the way forward?

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There is a hook you move out and they side forward.  If you have these bindings it's wise to know how to do this and carry tools. 


Can someone please post photos of the 2012 binding?  I'm very interested in the front toe.  (the last photo posted above.)

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I have the same binding, presumably a 2010 version since I purchased it in November 2010.  I found very quickly that it is really difficult to move the binding after even one run.  After snow gets into the mechanism, it seems to get clogged and just doesn't want to move until a lot of the snow is cleared out.  Fortunately I haven't wanted to move the bindings for quite a long time, but I've decided the Railflex is probably a better design. 

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I didn't have problems moving it.  Only when it got snow under that part of the binding the cable would move out.  All they need to do it have a cap that would screw in and hold the cable in place since once you have the binding on the ski you don't want that part to move.  Since movement means the binding will not hold you in.  I also believe that it happens because of the way the cable bends up when your boot is not in the binding. 

And I would think about buying the binding again IF the cable is locked in place once the binding is installed..  If not I just would not trust it. 


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