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Hell Freezes Over!

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SkiMangoJazz (and his lovely SO) met up apres ski with skier_j and I at Berkshire East on Sunday and we chatted for a bit.  There were no injuries and everyone was smiling and happy to finally meet!  Here we are under the BE banner......me, SMJ and skier_j.

It was a hero snow day and we skied every trail that was open.  I surprised myself by skiing Flying Cloud and Minnie Dole, which have always looked steep to me (they are, really).  I'm still a bit spooked about being on skis, but it's getting much better as my skills return. 

Here's me halfway down Flying Cloud and happy to be off the steep part.  It was a beautiful view!

In this short video, Kee Tov (former Epic member and level II instructor) was trying to get me to relax (hahaha)  and round my turns on Exhibition.  I'm still stemming and protecting my legs and feet, and I don't point my jacket down the hill.  I'm working on that.
I have a long way to go.  I know what a good skier looks like, I just can't mimic it.........yet.   I have new skis that are much more stable than my old ones, and it's making a difference.  Practice, that's what I need right now.



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 Good for you Bonni!  Glad to see you back out there

And just so you know, Hell has actually frozen over ..........more than once. 
From Hell Michigan
hell froze over
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here is the rest of the crew, me and our friend Michelle: 

I am sporting almost all epic purchased gear, helmet sticker  and vest (under jacket) by Epicski, skis from UP Racer, jacket from Mike C, pants from CJO and boots from Oboe.

and KeeTov:

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Looks like fun, and thanks for sharing.  Looks like Kee Tov put you through the paces.   Nice falling leaf by Michelle.

Bonni, more edges.
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Girl must have been finishing her turns to get down those runs

Nice to see good people having fun and enjoying the snow.

I just checked your video and like the direction your skiing is going. The stem has a few reasons it occurs and it will go away when those get addressed. No big. You ski  quietly and like to be upright. That's a very good thing for us old farts.

We'll play when you get here and where you go with your skiing is all up to you. However everybody I saw  in your pics has been working on their skiing smiles and that's the coolest movement of all.
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post

  Looks like Kee Tov put you through the paces.  
yes he did.  ,

Michelle did a great job there and so did Bonni
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nice fun.
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We did have fun!  Isn't that what it's all about?

I'm know I need more edge,  but that cat track and Exhibition was pretty flat, and I have trouble tipping a ski when I'm going really slow.  I don't know how to ski. 
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 Glad to see you smiling Mrs. B!
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