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Kid's normal skis vs. twin tips

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My 8yo kid is on 107cm and will need longer boards next year. He's an intermediate.  I want him working on general skills but also to have fun and we know boys like to jump off stuff and like skis with stuff like skulls and snakes on them.  

We ski east so mostly hard pack but he loves bumps and trees so will be in crud and a bit of pow if and when we're that lucky.  No park stuff yet and it would be at least a year or two before he'd be ready for the park team (if he does park, I will enforce the precondition that he spend a season on a park-specific Dev team).

So, anyone have opinions on whether twin-tips would be just as good as regular skis (or better or worse)?

Example of each type of ski below...

Normal ski -- k2skis.com/skis/apache/indy

Twin tip -- k2skis.com/skis/factory/juvy
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Twin tips would be better no question about it.  The key at this stage is to have fun, make it fun, keep it fun...kids love twin tips, they think they're cool, because they are.  Like any sport you gotta like your gear and kids are just as discerning as adults.  I think my Mantras are cool but according to my son they're only a slight twin so...not really, whatever  The only thing you can't do is race SERIOUSLY, but you probably could.  My nine year daughter has Juvys and she ran the gates on them for her team in her first year, so no big deal.  My son is 13 and he skis so fast with high edge angles on his 150cm FOILS (TT) it's insane.  Most people on the team had race specific skis anyway and a twin tip for freeskiing.  We don't race anymore as we would much rather freeski the twinnies.  Twin tips for sure.

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 The key at this stage is to have fun, make it fun, keep it fun...

Bingo.  Put them on good gear and let them have fun.
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So skulls, snakes, bugs, zombies, creeps, or what-over gross-out graphics are the ticket, huh?

He's already got skulls on the Delbella boots.

Next questions, on the twins.  Should they be skied in a longer length than a flat ski as the last maybe 5-7cm doesn't touch the snow? 

He's on 107cm now  so if he'd step up to a 120-125cm in a flat ski, do you think 129cm juvis sound okay?  The 119cm might not have a snow contact area more than a few cm more than he has now.  The 107cm flat skis he's on are well below his chin.  I do not believe in overskiing kids so they grow into them.  Better too short the 2nd season than too long the 1st.
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I agree with you totally on not overskiing the kid, that's one pathway to "no fun".  Buying the wrong size never works very well even when you've justified it over and over again.  Buying them long just so you can get one more season out of them may prove tough, but then again, kids seem to find a way to just "have fun" providing they don't already have an excuse not to (usually provided by the parent). 

But, obviously you need to look at your kid.  My 9 year old skis the 129cm Juvy right now.  She's an average sized kid and good little skier.  Last year the skis were right at her hieght and I had no worries, my older daughter was finished with them anyway.  By the way, she was excited to move up from her flat tails and into the TT.  I think you can go their height in length (especially in a TT) as your kid seems to get around pretty much anywhere.  Our experience with the 129cm was good.  Bottom line, the ski won't be a perfect fit for long, but even if they're too short the fun will still be there.
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Twin tips would definately be better.  Maybe try a pair of jr. gotamas?
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I bought my daughter ~130cm Kittens (TT) just before she turned 9, and she loved them. She's a little taller and a lot skinnier than average.
But, a year later I bought her ~130cm Fischer Competition Jr racers (not specifically SL or GS, just beginning skis for racing), and she almost never touches the twin tips anymore. She loves the speed and turning ability, and she seems to be fine in the trees either way (I'm not, they're hard for me). I picked these up when she said she was interested in trying NASTAR, although I'm sure the twin tips would have been OK to try that out, too.
She does use the twin tips as her "rock" skis, but she complains that they don't feel lively enough.
Unless your son is a really big or small kid, I'd bet the 129cm twin tips would be great for him.
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