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Cheap bump skis?

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I'm looking out for some non expensive bump skis. I've found a pair of -07 B1 at 178 cm (I'm 1.82cm) at a local store. I've read that they are used by some bumpers here, but I've also read some guys describing them as damp and unstable.

Are Rossignol B1 a nice bump ski? What would you say is a fair deal for a pair -07 (new, in a store) with bindings?

I'm a zipperline kind of bump skier and I only do single rotations and nothing inverted.
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look for last years Fischer Watea 78
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Couldn't find the Watea around here.
I got the B1's. :)

Feels fun in a childish way buying skis that are generally much worse performing than my B5i. I was usure wether I'd buy the 78 or the 70 but having skied them now I'm happy I got the longer. They are quick and then some in the moguls.

It feels really strange doing a heli with a lighter ski being used to the slow stable feeling of the carvers in the air.


It was also interesting taking them up to speed and doing some carved turns. It actually worked and I think I've got a fun pair of toys. :)

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