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Help! New Skis.

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So, I raced in college (42 now) on Dynastar Course SL's 195's, 490RD's, and Lange Tii's.  Loved it all.  Switched to Salomon Force9 PR5's 195's w/ same bind., and boots.  Haven't gone regularly in 12yrs but still pull golds in NASTAR, on Midwest hardpack.  I'm 5'6 and ski aggressive.  I have no idea about length or performance level now with the new stuff, anyone have rec's on where to start that remembers these skis?  I think I'm looking for a high performance all mountain or piste ski and not a race ski.  Thanks to all.
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Welcome to Epic...Dynastar Contact 4x4 is a pretty stiff mostly on piste ski with a 75 mm (all-moutain) waist.
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I'm younger (33) but in a similar situation, raced in highschool, haven't skied in 5 years and am still on mid-90's GS race skies. I demo'ed 8 pairs of skis last weekend. I couldn't find an aggressive enough all mountain ski for the western Quebec hardpacked runs I typically ski. I'm demo'ing more aggressive carving and race skis this Friday. My best advice is to go to a demo day and try a bunch of different skis. If you're still racing and skiing aggressively on hardpack, my guess is you'll end up on a race or near race ski.
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Head SuperShape or SuperShape Magnum or Icon TT80.  Or Fischer Progressor.  Maybe something about 165 cm long, maybe about 66 to 70 mm under foot, about 12 or 13 meter turning radius.  Have the shop give them an initial tune of 3° on the sides and maybe 0.75° on the base edge (some factory tune are great, and some are sloppy or the ski continues to cure and cups).  The SuperShape and Icon are more purely on piste.  The SuperShape Magnum and Progressor are more versatile for some off piste, and give up a little to the others on piste.
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Well, a ski that you want to use for pretty much everything, the tip should meet the tip of your nose. I hope this helps!
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Hope you can keep your feet warm in those Tii's...  Had XRIs right after that.

From what I've read/seen/skied the Fischer Progressor 9 would probably be a safe bet.
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Weight and preferred  turn radius is still needed.  What do you want to do on them?
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