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Stowe Stoke thread 09/10

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 stowe randomness some scenics not really great skiing because well it wasnt that awesome

no hurry to go anywhere but here

torch light

thursday was fun day of exploring

sea of clouds

before rock garden which is not good to go....

Birthday Bowls

Hiking back from the wrong side of the notch

I am happy to see this sign actually some fun GS turns down 108 on the way back to stowe.

Tuckin back to stowe

on the way back from the birthday bowls which is closer to smuggs than to stowe we saw the 10th training in the notch.

the ARMY's ATV

ARMY ice climbing in the notch

the army is apparently sponsored by North Face

Cool sundog

Angel Food is fun even when there is no new snow

friday was going to be a great day

First run was up the chin by myself since ski instructor are lame and would rather race train than enjoy the hike and some soft snow.

Tallest man in vermont by myself today looking out over Burlington and Lake champlain

The green mountain spine

Profanity the 'easy" way down was my choice since I was by myself. looking down from the top. this looks way close to stowe but in reality its a 30 min walk away. 35 degree pitch with 3-4 inches of windblown snow.

Looks more impressive from the bottom

after the turn to the left you can see the tracks, yea untracked snow even if its only a couple inches

Open woods on the way back to the resort

Wedding Day! my bud got married on top and skied down the toll road with his new wife.

Ullr makes it bluebird for the newlyweds

so stoked

Got to love the grooms suit and the brides dress

They honeymooned here

Anna in stowe camo on her way down the horn to sign the marriage license 

anna in her patent pending camo 

matt rippin the bruce on the way to be officially hitched

almost to the Horn

and for those of you that missed it the first time around
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Great shots, Bush! And sick POV. I hope we get more of it in the neat future. 
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Wow. Amazing POV, awesome pics, I need to get up there! Seems like a trip to Stowe/Smuggs is not complete w/o a hike up to Mansfield.
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That tree skiing is bitchin'.!!
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