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Volkl 6 Stars

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Anyone have a pair of lightly used 6 Stars (175cm) they would like to part with?   I love mine but they have been skied to death.
If not how about a recomendation for a new high speed carver.  I live in the northeast so the snow is usually very hard, icy and fast and the 6 Star handles it with ease.  I have Recons for snowy days and the spring so I dont want/need an all mountain ski.

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Perhaps a Volkl Racetiger GS?  (Not a recommendation, just an idea.)
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Head SS speed or i.speed.
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I'm digiing progressor 9's I just got ?
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 I have an set of 2009 Progressor 9's for sale if you're interested.  Have less than 4 hour on them.  Looking for around $425 or so.
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got mine new for 379 from 02 gearshop. they sent me 175's instead of 170's but, whatever, it was a good deal still.
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