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When is it time for new boots?

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Hi all,

I have a pair of Solomon boots I purchased these last year when I was just starting to ski again after not skiing for many years.  They are an "intermediate" level boot (I don't remember  the model name), and they're generally comfortable,though they do sometimes "bite" me in the ankles by the end of the day.

My skiing is improving (slowly), and as I'm starting to get off the groomers and into the trees I am noticing that the boots are starting to feel a little too "floppy" on forward/back movement. 

I had been thinking about getting my boots fitted to avoid the "ankle biting," but now am wondering if it would make more sense to stick it out this year and purchase a stiffer boot next year.  

Any opinions? Thoughts?

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 I think you already know that you want/need new boots and I'd have to agree. If you are already starting to feel that your boots are too soft, then you won't be doing your skiing any favors by skiing them much longer. This time when you do buy, I'd find a good boot fitter and make sure that besides getting them fitted just for you, you also get the kind of boots that fit your skiing. When it comes to boots, this is the one area not to stint. The wrong boots will hold back your skiing and your improvement.
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In my part of the country the best prices are at the September sales.

As Zman said, find a bootfitter who knows which boots fit feet shaped like yours, and which boots ski very well vs. the boots that sell well.  The best bootfitter I know likes Head, Nordica, and for very wide feet, Salomon. As always, the smallest boots you can fit into without discomfort are the right size.  A bootfitter can make boots a bit bigger, but has poor results making a boot smaller.  If that ankle bite is from the shape of your calf, bring that to the attention of the fitter.  Women often have the calf lower down the ankle than men, and many women's boots are made for this.
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Thanks to both of you.  I know these are pretty basic questions for people who ski regularly, but to me this is all new

SoftSnowGuy, I am also in Washington State, and I know just the ski sales you mean (got a pair of K2 Phat Luv's this year at a GOOD price).  Aside from the ski sales, though, I'm not sure where to shop.  We just got a Sturdevants in Tacoma, so was going to start there. Do you know of any other good sources for boots in the Seattle/Tacoma area? 
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I would defineatly agree that you absolutely do not skimp on boots and pay the extra to have them fit property.  They are the interface b/w you and the ski and by far the most important piece of equipment.  There should be a list of master bootfitters in the "ask the boot guy" section of the forums.  Try http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/3986/epicski-index-of-boot-fitting-masters
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if you make it to banff, I can help you..
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