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Ski Like the Best, Fall Like the Rest: Falling Stories

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Every once in a long time...not that I like to admit...I fall like the rest of them..

Stratton Mountain, Vermont  1995 is the last time that I had one heck of a yard sale. BTW: (Yard Sale = Fallinig and loosing 3 or more articles of clothing/gear)

Im on the trail called Liftline in the Snowbowl and im trying to show off in front of the racers that were on the skier's left of me.  That half of the trail was roped off and i was trying to, in sync, turn as the racers turned as I went down the mountain and keep up with these preppy do gooder and overly silver spoon in mouth racers. 

I was on the racing team there from A1,2,3 all the way to E3, joined junior development, and then quit racing to join the freestyle team.

Now with that said...I ate my thoughts that day...I got to close to the left hand side of the slope and my left ski clipped the post that the rope was tied to and spun me around ripping my ski off and falling backwards with my head upslope.  My speed ended up spinning me right round baby, right round like a top in slow motion over and over again as I slid over 200 feet down the slope.  I had time to think to myself..."Is this really happening?...hmmm...When am I going to stop?" (while all of this is happening I see my ski sliding right along next to me in sync with me barreling down the hill.  I lost my hat, gloves, gator, goggles, both skis...(one in which would'nt stop because the binding brakes were'nt popped down) and my goggle squeegie..those things are sweet by the way...I miss that thing...Does anyone know where I can get a goggle squegie that fits on the finger of your glove?

So thats my story...Hollar back!!
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Too many to count!

A good recent one was a double heel release under Orient Express in Vail's Back Bowls (tm)  (you can trade mark just about anything these days). 18 inches of fresh and I was just ripping it up when my tips encountered a bit of hard mogul underneath the fresh at just the wrong angle and stopped dead. Laughing before I hit the fluff! Applause from the lift! I recovered my skis and continued an epic day.

Way way back, I had a fabulous fall racing DH in Argentina. Left footed fall away turn and I don't know what happened, but I was off course tumbling with my trajectory matching the slope perfectly so all I was hitting was soft snow until I stopped. Unhurt and gear not damaged. It was fun.
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 Not many to remember... The only one with injury...

Going down a red... A slower skier in front of me at 11 o' clock, my wife somewhere on right side.. The slower skier is making predictable Z turns, so I make a wider turn on right to pass him - he should turn left (as he did 3-4 times before)... But he continues go right... So I make turn more right and collide with my wife... She kept going, I was digging snow. I had a photo camera in my pocket - felt my rib even 3 months after that...

One more... A crust on some softer snow below it ... As I ski on it, the thin layer of ice breaks... Can't make a turn...  I decide to jump out of these rails... Yeah, right... As I push harder, tips dive under the ice and after a moment my face does the same. 
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google search  ...

blah blah blah   site:www.epicski.com

Seems to work.  Too bad our search engine doesn't.
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