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T-Power Viper S versus Cobra X

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Oops, I posted the following message in the gear review forum. Sorry for the repeat.

I've been searching around and was able to find good prices on both of these skiis - now it's time for me to decide which one to get. I've heard great things about the Viper S on this board and skiing mags. My question is whether this ski or the Cobra X would be better for me. I know the T-Power Cobra X is softer and a bit wider - but how will this ski differently than the Viper S? The Cobra X is often said to be more "versatile" - what does this mean? Which one of the two will be more stable at cruising speed? Which one will be the best at all kinds of turns (short, medium, and long)? Help! Thanks.
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That depends on you, your experience, what you mostly ski, and what you expect the skis to do. I have a T-Power from last year which would be more like the Viper S, and on groomed it is a HOOT! However, when thre is anything deeper than three inches, it hoots less, and after six inches, I take them off and put on my K2 Mod 7/8's. If you are an intermediate or advancing intermediate and want just ONE pair of skis for all of the conditions you ski, and if skiing on ice is NOT what you do most,and skiing at very high slalom race speeds is NOT the way you get your jollies, then the wider and more flexible 2001-2002 T-Power Cobra X will handle a wider variety of conditions, it will be easier to turn and easier to balance on. Although the ski mag reviews admittedly are not the be all and end all, they are worth considering, and the 2001-2001 T-Power Cobra X got great reviews. Let us know more about you, your experience, and the conditions in which you want your ski to perfom.
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P.S. If you want to get better advice, you might want to update your profile to include more particulars about yourself, where you ski, and what equipment you use now.
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Thanks for the reply Oboe,

I'm an intermediate-advanced intermediate. I'm basically looking for a ski that I can make any type of turn (short, med, long) at speed. I like to make fast runs, but also just like to cruise and relax sometimes (basically I don't ski overdrive all the time). I ski primarily in the east, so I basically ski groomed/hardpack (I've got a pair of X-Scream 9's for crud and deeper stuff). Also, I read somewhere that this ski is exhausting to ski because you have to keep turning with it and it can get also squirelly - what's your experience been? Thanks again.
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For all others who didnt catch this in consumer gear reviews (jwocky already got it):

I had the Viper S last season in a 160, it was an excellent ski, but i broke them and gave the replacements to my younger brother. The viper is a fairly stiff ski but skis so easily that you dont notice it often. It is very powerful and has lots of energy, but is not at home in powder or heavy crud, light crud is okay, but heavy crud... look out. As far as the cobra goes, it depends whether you are talking about this years or last years cobra X. Last year they made a red cobra identicle to the viper, but slightly softer, and it was considered to be more user friendly than the viper as it was easier to ski (not sure if that is possible but moving on...) This years Cobra X is a much wider ski 68 mm waist i believe and is not as performance oriented as last years model. If you are looking for a ski that can perform on groomed snow, bumps and light crud go for the viper. If youa re looking for more of a crud busting ski (intermediate level) get this years Cobra X. If you arent sure you can handle the stiffness of the viper deffinitly go with last seasons (red) t-power cobra. I believe that is what oboe did when he was shopping for skis, it is still an excellent possibly even more versatile ski for people who arent ready to tackle the stiffness of a more race oriented ski (the T-power Viper S is identicle construction to the 9S Deviator without the plate and goofy tip). The Viper is going to cruise better than either of the other two because of its stiffer construction, and will excel in short turns on ice (that is what it was designed to do). This seasons t-power cobra x is not a slalom ski therefore lends itself to all mountain use more than the the viper s or last years t-power cobra. My vote is deffinitly for either the t-power viper s or last seasons t-power cobra, deffinitly ski them in shorter lengths, you wont be disappointed at all.
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jwocky, you've given us the key to the answer! If you already have the X-Scream 9's, then you need not bother with the 2001-2002 T-Power Cobra X. The X-Scream's really are an all arouond ski - I've tryed them, and they're really a terrific ski for you. Obviously, you must be considering a shorty slalom type for groomers. If you want one of the shorty slaloms, go with the T-Power Viper or try the K2 Mach line. Let us know what you decide and how it works out. If you're willing to forego only the shorty slaloms, please give serious consideration to the new-this-year Rossi Bandit X, which is really versatile but for mostly groomed. As to whether the T-Powers are "squirrelly", I haven't had that experience, but please bear in mind that going straight at high speed is not why I bougth my T-Powers - I bought them for TURNING! But they go straight fine for me aas long as its on smooth stuff - in rough stuff, they are NOT my ski of choice. They also make very big turns as well as very short turns. If you want to go really straight, and fast, on a versatile ski meant mainly for groomers but able to handle rough stuff, from what I've read, you're talking about the new-this-year Rossi Bandit X. But if you already have the X-Scream 9, why bother?

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