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    Hello there.I am writing this to describe my experience with surefoot boots in Courchevel (3 valleys, FR.) SUREFOOT shop.
First i have to tell you that i am a qualified mountain guide and i have been skiing the last 20 years all around the Europes big resorts.My first experience with Surefoot was in Verbier before 4 years.It was the first time i heard about them from some colleges.
Second time in Val Disere 2 years ago.I decided to visit them to talk about their boots and the possibility of making a custom pair to their shop.
    So i went there and after i explained them that i would like to have custom boot, the big surprise came! they asked me when i leave the resort.I was leaving in next day early morning.So their suggestion was NOT to do the boots, because if i should need any kind of modifications i would not have the time to do them! I found this really profesional advice.A week ago i was in Courchevel.
    This time i had inform the surefoot shop that i would be in the village, so i arranged an appointment with them.
    I went there the first day after a three hour powder skiing ,at the very obvious off piste terrain, under the chair lifts of Chanrosa,Aguille des fruits,and Coqs.It was snowing all night!
    Herve is the owner of the shop, and there are two experienced boot fitters working with him.Xavier, who made me the boots,
and Lui,  who did most of the modificatins, needed to be done afterwards!
   My coment is really short.   FANTASTIC JOB!!!- EXCELENT BOOTS!!!!-MOST FRIENDLY PEOPLE!!!
The all thing lasted about a couple of hours including the talking we did at the same time,we were making the boots.
     Custom orthotic and custom liner in a Lange 120 banchee pro shell. Next morning i was skiing really happy to feel the remarkable precition of the boots.Absolutely perfect.Especially the left one.The right had some problems that they have been solved
with visits to the shop, at the end of skiing.As you should know Couschevel, is a ski in ski out resort, wich means that you are not further than 100 metres from the slopes.The shop is about 50m from the slopes.
      They expand a little bit the toe box in the shell and they grinded a little bit the anle area to make more room.Also they grinded a little bit the orhotic on my left foot because was more suportive than it should be. All these modifications were made at the end of the day after i skied with the boots,and i could have a precise opinion about what is going on ,and wich is the problem with the fit.
       After this the boots where equally, fantasticlly, comfortable!!! No pains no  blood sirculation problems,warm even with thin shocks!
       Conclusion: Making a Sureffot boot its worth trying.And better make them on a surefoot shop, wich is by the slopes! so you can make any modifications needed. I would not advice you to do them anywhere else,and if you can choose ,choose Courchevel or any Europes resort because,yow know, these people, simply inventioned skiing!
       Last think i left to tell you about the price.I have nothing to tell.Skiing in such kind of boots is priceless.You just have to try!
    Thanks a lot guys in Courchevel!