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My life stinx...

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The ski area closed Sunday (after a terrible snow season. The worst I've ever seen!) and guess what happened? Monday we get a 2-foot blanket and nowhere to ski! AAAAAAAARGH! If my head wasn't shaved I'd tear out hair by the fistful! Plus I'm busy closing up the ski school, so I didn't even get to hang with my buddies and hit the kicker they built just off area property. It's a sweet one I hear, but NoooOOOOooo. I've gotta do paperwork! This blows. If anyone out there is still making turns, make a few for me. I'll be in South Dakota (7th level of Hell) cooling my heels and waiting for mud season.

Rant over,
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Why don't you just hike it once for old times sake, and make some fresh turns to end the season the right way?
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Because that is the best way to get fired. [img]redface.gif[/img]
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Hey, Spag! We just closed Wed. Ski School beat last year with 70k less visits, but still beat 500k visits for the season...just a crappy March. All on 260 inconsistant acres with only 35.5" natural snow all year...averaged over 4000 visits per day.
So you had a screwed first season...I bet it wasn't that bad and you learned alot! Now that you have established a worse-case baseline.....nowhere to go but....

Love to Michelle...kick the dogs!
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Things could be worse. Or you could relocate to North Dakota!

Signed SD Born, ND Raised

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Hey Scag, you're only 7 hours from Bozeman. We're having great Spring skiing this year at Bridger and Big Sky due to a high moisture content in this year's snow. You should head out & get some last turns in.
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Rio. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it out there this spring. I'll be there for the PSIA Fall Festival next season. Perhaps we can meet! That way I won't feel so isolated on this forum!!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

CalG. Where in SD were you born? If it was east river it doesn't count. (just kidding)

Robin. Way to go! 500K? Jeez. We were lucky to even get the 75K we got. Brutally slow. On the other hand, upper level lessons were up, private lessons for ski and snowboard were up, children's lessons were up, the local school programs were up, and our 3-5 year-old program ruled over last year. Only problem is nobody came here to ski, so all of the beginner packages were down by quite a ways. That alone dropped total revenues to about 15% below last years'. Kinda sucked when I saw that. I'm going to look very closely at those programs and see what I might be able to do. Maybe there was something about last year other than snow that I should consider.

Anyway, all in all a really crappy year. There were only a few days that I would consider "busy", and those weren't even very scary. Problem was, on those days I sold the tar out of my instructors and my supervisors got a little doe-eyed in the process. Apparently they've never had to work the instructors from 9 to 4 before, because the sales desk was wasn't used like it should be. (hard to say) The instructors here have been a little spoiled... getting afternoons off, guarunteed lunch breaks, never more than 5 students, etc. They are a solid group though. I enjoyed working with all of them. I've got a lot of training to do this next season!!!!!

I suppose I could tell you all this on the phone, boss! I won't bother these poor folks with my tales of woe any longer. See you guys on another thread!!

Hasta la Pasta,
Spag (although I think I kinda like Scag, too! Isn't a Scag the little Tungsten/Carbide strip on the bottom of a snowmobile ski? I know I've heard that somewhere before.)
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Send me a note when you come next fall. I have all sorts of rock skis for that time of year.
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Spaggy, gimme a call!
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