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So i havent skiied in a few years but jumped right back on the mountain this year like i never missed a trip. Since then ive gone every week, so i went looking to purchase a reasonably priced set of skis - i wanted the k2's but hated the look of the love series(yes im a girl. butnot that girly) and then i came across last years rossignol avalons. they arent true twin tips but fairly close with a wood core. ive never used twin tips before and now im wondering whether i will notice a difference. I know they allow for skiing backwards and jumping etc. but that i allways did on alpine skis. i would consider myself an intermediate skiier i love carving and i play around with turns but im not one to mess with the parks?. Will these skiis affect my ability in new england conditions? will i out grow them by next year or hate them cause of chatter on ice? whats your thoughts? should i buy these or wait? pros??? cons??