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Met Pierre eh!

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Skied today with Pierre eh! and Bob B. Earlier this year skied with Ott. What is it about skiers from Ohio. They are all great guys and make great turns!

Pierre is a pleasure to spend the day with. I finally got a chance to understand his bump technique. It is novel and superb. He may have just saved my fragile knees.

He is a superb skier and great guy. I can't begin to explain his approach to bumps, however, I'll be darned if it doesn't work!

It was a weird day. I came around a tree and buried a ski in a mound of snow. I booted out, face planted, and then spent fifteen minutes digging for my ski. Pierre found it sitting by a nearby tree nowhere near the spot I fell.

Minutes later Bob B is loading on a chair with me and as he turns to load, the chair hit him in the head a splits a gash open above his eye. He bled like an old prize fighter! He will look cool with the new scar.

All survived and all are well this evening.

Pierre eh! needs to figure out a way to better explain his approach to bumps. It is great!

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Hey Rusty--Bob reporting in--still alive after that vicious attack by the Mountain Chief chair. Pierre eh! and his daughter Jessica and friend Lonnie are over, about to sit down for dinner with Susan and me.

Great day, blood and all!

Don't work too hard....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Chiming right in, I also had the pleasure of making a few turns with Pierre, Bob and Pinhead on Sunday afternoon, then Pierre and Jessica this morning prior to lineup.

It was fun jumping in Copper Bowl Sunday afternoon just as the slush of the day was starting to set up (in spite of a bout with charlie horses Pierre loved it), then skiing down the sweet steep snow of Union Bowl (Pierre is very willing to point 'em downhill on the steeps).

Our few runs this morning were also a blast, especially watching Jessica enjoy the ride up the Storm King poma (pulls on my ass) and marveling at the spectacular views from the top of Copper. Her realization that our easy blues are black back home was amusing. Welcome to big mountain skiing.

Hope we have the chance over the next few days to make a few more turns together.

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Hi Rusty, Bob and Pierre, it's nice to hear you guys skied together but what's with the casualties? Bob, you should know in a confrontation like that the chair is always going to win .

You don't know for how long Pierre was looking forward to this day!

Enjoy your evening with Bob and Susan, Pierre, they are great hosts...say hello to everyone.

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The poor boy bled like a stuck pig

He still never missed a turn

I think Pierre eh! will sleep well tonight!
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I think for Bob missing a turn would take extra effort because I don't think he knows how [img]smile.gif[/img]

Are you guys running Pierre ragged? It sure sound like that, reading the post from Ski&Golf.

But I'm glad you youngsters are having fun.

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I can't believe you guys are ditching me!

I just sent Bob and email. I can ski Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Friday I'm at Vail, Saturday the Beav.

So where you guys gonna be on Wednesday and Thursday?
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Hi SCSA--We were looking for you, thought you might be around today.

We'll be skiing Copper again tomorrow (Tuesday). I'll be in Denver on Wednesday. Don't know where Pierre eh! et al will be, but I know they'd look forward to hooking up with you somewhere. Stay in touch, and we'll get together Thursday....

Yes Ott--chair 1, Bob 0. I'll get it tomorroww....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Tomorrow might work better.
Where should we meet?
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