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2011 stockli

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has anyone heard any rumors or seen any of the 2011 stockli stuff ?
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I'll see it all at the end of this week and ride them beginning of next (and report back).
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Noodler . I take it your are attending the show in Denver ? I have been invited to go and I might just do that. really want to see what they are going to do with the All mountain and cross stuff next year . I pray they take some of the shape away from the current cross pro .
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i heard there might be a more powder oriented ski, i dont know if it will be full on rocker or reverse camber but one that is definitely more for off piste than groomed, but we'll have to see..

but I only use stockli's for racing so this doesnt affect me much, but will say something about the company maybe and its directions 
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You will find the 2011 full Stoeckli catalog here, enjoy.....


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