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Base edge tuning

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How often do you all tune your base edges?
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Only when the skis get a shop tune.  If I hit a rock and knock up a high spot, I put a grinding stone in the 1° base edge file guide and take off the high part.  All sharpening is done to the sides.
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Every time I wax 'em I lightly touch 'em up with a diamond.

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end of the day a quick pass with a oxide, diamond or ceramic on both base and edge usuall from hand. Just to remove the burrs or highs. Followed by a clean swipe with a microfiber cloth and a new topcoat of notwax. This year a bit of solda metal jet on the edges to prevent sticking/rust.

The real sharpening/tuning work is done at home.
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One reason for a light quick base edge touch up is to protect your iron from any burs from the edges. Scratching your iron is not a going to ruin it, but it does make for the potential of the iron, in turn, to scratch your bases needlessly.
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Only after a stone grind and reset of  the base edge bevel.
All other sharpening and polishing I do on side edge only!

If really bad rock damage, i would only very lightly diamond stone dmagd area only wiht a diamnd stone in a bease bevel guide at or slightlty less then the bevel angle.
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 Whenever I tune my skis i do it all. Normally just touch up the edges though, it only takes like 5 minutes, and its easier then having shit edges and doing them once a month
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