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Originally Posted by DonDenver View Post

How is the weekend looking for the Bazzer posse…we’re coming in and would enjoy meeting up if you're around. 

Hey DonDenver.
The Miami Mob heads home on Saturday morning, and Bazzer Jr. is due to fly in on Sunday. He'll take a shuttle from the airport, so I'll be free to ski with you and Betsy for as long as you can stand my company on either day. The details are kind of complicated, but I MUST remain at Vail on Saturday, but can possibly make it to BC on Sunday.
Should y'all wish to spend both days out here, I can offer you spartan lodging on Saturday night. Gratis.
Still could do with a few feet of snow,.
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The “Miami Mob”…sorry to have missed that group but we look forward skiing with you otherwise unencumbered.  Note that vail snopro has turned Betsy into a gate skier shaving time and she will need to visit the NASTAR course for a couple of runs at some point.  I’ll ring you to nail down details.  Cheers.

Oh, and I’ll chime in with feanor as we have friends who live on the slopes of Vail who don’t have your keen map memory of those 5K acres.  I’ve heard GPS systems use you as a method for calibration   And you're from...Miami   

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 VSP got me out on the NASTAR course today for the first time. Tons of fun, and will gladly try again. I might improve my time if I were not riding my fat skis, but then again, I might not. At least I can blame the gear for failure to add a slew of points to the EpicSki team total. Got a little medallion to stick on the cork board at home. VSP didn't even bother to pick up his shiny award. Jaded old coot.

BTW, we got a wee bit of snow today, and a bit more has fallen since the lifts closed. Nothing to really scream about, but this hill skis really nice with just a few inches of fresh.

I'm ecstatic and kvelling over the possibility of seeing both Betsy and DonDenver, and as always, would be delighted to hook up with any local or wandering Bears.
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If anyone is around- 0830 Friday morning at the base of the gondola in Lionshead... Bazzer and VSP will be ready to go!
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 Have enjoyed two consecutive powder days with DonDenver and Betsy. Almost impossible to make a poor choice as it seems that the entire mountain is skiing great.

The Kid arrived in good shape and is ready to subject me to the three most dangerous words in all of skiing; "Follow Me Dad."

We'll be at the base of Lionshead when the lifts open at 8:30, and anyone who's around is welcome to join in for some turns and assorted good times.
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 Oh yeah.
Had the pleasure of meeting  Greg Hoffman, EpicSki boot fitting guru on my first ride up the lift this morning. Met him once again when DonDenver decided to stop into the boot shop to say hello. Greg managed to squeeze in 4 or 5 laps before heading off to work, and like most folks fortunate enough to be in Vail today, was in a great mood.
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Originally Posted by Bazzer View Post

 Have enjoyed two consecutive powder days with DonDenver and Betsy. Almost impossible to make a poor choice as it seems that the entire mountain is skiing great.

The Kid arrived in good shape and is ready to subject me to the three most dangerous words in all of skiing; "Follow Me Dad."


We enjoyed a great Presidents weekend skiing with you and hope to do it again on your next trip out!  Now have fun with the "Kid".  I put up a trip report with some shots of you skiing lights out.  Certainly time with vail snopro had you re-focusing on some techniques  :

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Same here bazzer.
Hope we can meet up again next time. I'm so deppressed I missed the storm. Next time I guess.

Originally Posted by Bazzer View Post

Thanks for the kind words feanor. It was my sincere pleasure to meet you and share some time on the hill. I too had a great time, though after spending the morning with you caused me to slow down in the afternoon. Well, maybe a little bit.
Enjoy your stay in Florida, and have a safe trip home.
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Barry, I am so sorry, this trip just didn't mesh up with my schedule.  I hope to see you again, any chance you're considering an April trip? 
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 Hi COSkiGirl.

Not to worry. I'd be delighted to ski with you any time, anywhere. Have enjoyed some great company, both Bears and non-Bs. I may indeed get back this way in April, but I've got to see about work schedule, tax details, and perhaps more importantly, the snow coverage. For the immediate future though, all looks grand as this mountain is skiing great, and I've got 3 more days to play here.
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 I might be looking for people to ski with in the next few days at Vail, let me know if you're going to be on the mountain.  My fiance and ski buddy messed up her knee yesterday in Sundown Bowl in all that wonderful deep powder.
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Hi SMJ I'm skiing Thursday & fri. Internet is not working in our digs. Relying on the iPhone. Will attempt to send you a PM with my cell number. Cheers, Bazzer
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I have every intention of being over at the Lionshead Gondi at  8:15 Friday. I will have a pair of white Atomic D2's Black jacket grey pants, red poles, Haber Goggles.

My guest wants to go to Beaver and meet some old friends and I told him I'd get his ticket the day before and we would catch up at dinner. Bad etiquite , but evrybody should be happy. After all we're not working!
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Borrowing a computer terminal. roundturns and SMJ, I'll try and send you both PM's with my cell phone number. Please feel free to call.  I'll be at Lionshead chair before the lifts open on Thurs and Fri.
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 Had a truly epic day today with Bazzer and my friends from back east who I didn't know were coming back to Vail for their last day of their vacation.

Forever in the morning wasn't great, but was incredible in the afternoon.

Three runs on Ollies and Heavy Metal in Blue Sky were absolutely unbelievable!  Deep powder bumps everywhere and I actually skied them fairly well.  I skied the South Rim for the first time (been coming to Vail for many years) at the end of the day then down Lower Prima.

Bazzer you were a total pleasure to ski with and I am extremely impressed with your abilities - 6 years  of sking and you were fantastic.  Giant kudos to you.  I've got more then 3 times as many years of skiing then you and you were making me look like the East Coast skier that I am.  (Wait you'r from Florida!!!)

Thanks for the day.  Nothing like soft dry snow.  Bumps, whatever.  Just go through them.
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 Hi SMJ.
Thanks for the kind words, but the pleasure was all mine. You and your East Coast buddies were a blast to ski with, an inspiration, and in all ways fine people and great company.

Sort of glad that I quit a bit early. Leg is getting very stiff, and I'll have to make a decision about tomorrow in the AM. You might wish to hook up with roundturns, as I'm not sure about my status right now. May give you both a call and ask permission to share your cell numbers. Even if I don't ski, I may show up at Lionshead base anyway. I was hoping to have The Kid ski with me for our last day, but if he can't hook up with some of his hoodlum friends, (most of whom have already headed home,) I'll set him up with a lesson. Though he knows the mountain very well, I'm not excited about having out there alone. He's found teen lessons a mixed bag, and none of them could hold a candle to the lesson that VailSnowPro provided. Some of the teen sessions have been fairly instructive, but others have been more like renting a posse of young guns for a day's companionship.
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 Vail reporting 5" of fresh.
Did some stretches, and popped a few tylenol. Going to give it a shot so will be there before 8:30. Debating adding a touch of Irish to my coffee. I'll use my discretion regarding duration on the hill, but the fresh is extremely enticing.
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 Tylenol worked. Skipped the Irish until the lifts closed. Spectacular day in almost all regards.

Only thorn was losing track of roundturns somewhere along the catwalk to the Blue Sky lifts.

roundturns, if you're reading this, please let me know if you're okay. Tried your phone several times, left messages, and have not heard back.

Due to head home in the AM, but as of now the Eagle airport is closed. 12" is forecast for tomorrow; so if we're stranded, there are worse places to be.
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Hey Bazzer,  if you're still stranded on Sunday I'll make a b-line for Vail =)  You can give me the pow pow tour.
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 I'll still be here bf
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Sorry Bazzer . In retrospect I should have gone up the BS chair. But I couldn't see you and Paul in the maze so I went back up the other chair. Never have the phone on while skiing. I'm afraid work will call and ruin my day! Enjoyed meeting you and making some runs together that we're really good. It's amazing to me you have only been skiing a couple of years. Hope you make it back out in April. I want to be able to get in another trip then as well.

My gang heading to Beaver Creek today. My guest and customer had a tiff with the bartender at the Beaver Creek Chop House last night and they thought he was too drunk to be served. Pretty different scenario for me, who usually is in bed by 9. Powder this AM, The amazing thing is these guys make first chair. 
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 Hey friends.
7 AM check of the airport status shows that it's open. Bad news/Good news.
Got to leave town on a powder day, but The Kid and I will be in the warm embrace of Mrs. Bazzer tonight.

Glad everything is okay with you roundturns, (assuming having your buddy 86'ed from a bar is cool with you,) and I trust that y'all have a grand time for the duration of your seasons.

I'll give a shout out again if I can make it back for some spring skiing.
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 Don and Betsy heading out to ski with me and the Vail Pass is closed, so they're trying to go around and get here anyways.
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I was reminded after posting in Bumpfreaq’s  “Colly” thread that while we enjoyed 2 of the best days of snow ‘cover’ skiing the weekend with bump and smj it all began the weekend prior skiing the big 'powder' days with Bazzer. 

You ended the powder drought…thanks and hurry back

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 I'll do my best, and hope to keep my snow streak alive.

May be able to head back to CO in early April. I'll keep you informed by PM and by posting another thread in the "Gatherings" forum.

The Kid and I had our Saturday flight home cancelled due to heavy snow. Only drag is that we sat on the tarmac from noon until 3:30, so missed out on an entire powder day. Bunked up with some local amigos and both arrived home safely, though via separate and circuitous routs.

Checked on the interwebz and saw that the snow is still flying thick and fluffy. Good wishes on y'all,
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