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Salomon Impact X7 vs. Lange Fluid 90 or 100.

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After too many seasons of renting, the time to buy and ski quality equipment is here for me.

I've bought my skis already. Got a pair of 2008 K2 Apache Raiders brand new for a steal at $239 from evogear.com. I highly recommend this site, I've done a lot of shopping over the past year or two and I can't remember a time I've seen their price beat. I'm a male, 5'10, intermediate skier looking to advance and weigh 150 pounds. The skis are a pair I feel can really help me build my level and last as well. Now I'm trying to pick a good boot for a slightly narrow foot with 100mm last.

I've been looking at the Salomon Impact and the Lange Fluid lines. I've tried on the 2010 Salomon Impact 8's and really liked them, but they're a tad out of my price range at $399, so I'm looking at the 2009 Impact X7's. The Impact 7's are the model below the 8's and I'm told the X7's are a slightly better version of the 7's. I'm told the fit through the Impact line is pretty similar, so with a flex of 90 and a price of around $240 marked down from $635 I really like them.

My other thoughts are on the Lange Fluid line. I haven't had a chance to try on either the 90 or 100, and I can't find a whole lot of quality and descriptive reviews. I did read a few negative reviews of the 90. Since flex ratings aren't based on a solid rating system brand to brand, I can't really assume the stiffness is equivalent to the 90 rating of the Salomons, so I really need to find somewhere to try em on. But, I was hoping maybe someone would have some experience with these boots?? Even though I found a few negative ratings, I have found a lot of positive one for both the 90 and 100's as well. I've found the 90's for $160 marked down from $499 and the 100's for $199.

All these boots are brand new, just last years models.

Salomon Impact X7-$240
Lange Fluid 90-$160
Lange Fluid 100-$199

Thoughts, recommendations, advice??

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You're probably not likely to get too many responses on here beyond "see a good boot fitter", which frankly is great advice.  A post in the bootfitters forum might get you a little insight, but don't expect too much beyond that golden bit of advice.

I have Fluid 90's myself, but my foot is fairly wide forefoot due to big time overpronation.  I have relatively narrow heel and calves and I ski pretty much pain free with little bootfitter work done to the boots.

When I was trying boots, it seemed like the Langes were a little more stiff in their given rating than other brands I tried, and at 185lbs, I can say I'm happy with the 90 flex.  I'm a 37 year old male, so I'm on a different path than you, really looking to improve my form and taking it a little easier than I used to terrain wise.  I've also been out of the sport for 10+ years and just getting back into it, so I wanted to forego a little performance for comfort.  My previous boots were plug and took about 4 days each season to break in...seriously painful.

I rode the lift with a LARGE guy, easily 220lbs and he was wearing Fluid 100's.  We talked about them a bit, and both had good things to say.  I wathced him ski and he could certainly hold his own, good upper intermediate, and he didn't seem to have any concerns about the flex of his boots FWIW.

So, I can say I'm a fan of the Fluid series, and I know a lot of boot fitters like them for wider feet.  However, if I'm not mistaken, the last on the Fluids is a bit more than 100mm.

Sorry, I can't give you much more info for that.  These boots are working well for me currently, but that really doesn't mean much, as the fit has to work for YOUR feet.

You mentioned EVO.com...not sure if that's where you're looking at boots.  I know they ship free and have a lilberal return policy (you have to pay return shipping), but not a bad way to check the fit if you feel so equipped, in the comfort of your own home.  I know a lot of people who have gone that route.  Results are a mixed bag, for sure.  If you get LUCKY, you can end up with a nice fitting pair of boots on the cheap.  Little to no recourse if they don't work out.

Good luck.
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Thanks a lot for the response. Getting feedback directly from an owner is what I was hoping for.

I was actually going to place this on the Boot forum like you recommended, but there was a lengthy statement somewhere that said not to do that there and that the Boot forum was more for specific foot and performance questions rather than gear. Didn't wanna step on any toes, awful pun...

You're right about Evo too, they do have free shipping along with a great return policy.

Thanks again! That helps a lot to know that you've been happy with your boot at least. Happy skiing!

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