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Don't like my new boots so getting Intuitions for my old ones :( help

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So i purchased The Tecnica agent 110 and i have been skiing like crap in them (could be too stiff) i feel like im always in the back seat.  I am not sure what to do, but i am considering getting intuition liners for my old Nordica Beast 12's.  I was looking at the intuitions and i was unsure of which one was for me.  I am a pretty aggressive skier, but nothing insane, i am 5'8 145 lbs there isnt really a way i can try out the liners so i was unsure which one to order.  I was thinking about the luxury one but still unsure.  I like a liner where the tongue has alot of cushion for my shins...that way they will actually want to drive forward hehe.  Also do i still use my custom footbeds?

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hard to say, as we have not seen your foot shape, leg shape, or how the boots fit you.

best to cal intuition directly (assuming that no one local has liners for you?) and ask them, what model, size, etc to get.

are the agents vs beast the same size?   what feels diffent when you put one of each on your feet?  (inside ramp angle, flex, upper cuff angles, etc)
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Well the beasts were 26.5 and the agents are 26.0  With the agents it feels like its more difficult to stay in an aggressive forward stance and i am being pushed in the back seat alot.  the flex definately feels more stiff and sometimes i can flex them on groomers but i am lacking power and consistancy on different types of snow.  both boots fit seems to be pretty good but with the beasts it felt like my shins would enjoy actually pushing against the tongue and flexing them where in the agents it doesnt feel as natural.  my feet arent too difficult to fit IMHO 99-100mm forfoot slightly narrow heel but i dont know enough about bootfitting to know for sure.  i actually think the 26.0 is a better fit for me...so please let me know if this the correct thinking....i can make my 26.5 beasts fit like a 26.0 by purchasing liners for a 26.0 because they only difference should be that is that the liners on the 26.0 should have more volume. 

thaaanks :)
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a .0 and a .5 liner will both pack out to the same in 5-10 days of skiing.

can you try swapping liners back and forth between the boots to try?


My guess is the inside ramp angle, or the cuff F lean is different and that is what you are feeling.   try to find a boot fitter in your area that works with alignment issues and talk to them.

some good stickies about all the angles, what they are called, and what they do

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The agent has more forward lean and I believe more ramp angle than the Beast.  Try raising the binding toe and see if that gets you out of the back seat.
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Thank you both for your response....the place i went to played with canting (but i got second and third opinions and they thought it should be in the neutral posistion anyway).  how big for a jump ability wise does it take to go from the beast 12 (about a flex of 90-95) to the agent 110 (flex of well 110), i have had the beast for about 4 years and made some breakthroughs.  i might be generalizing my backseat claim but i do feel that since i have had the boots i have been struggling to remain in an aggressive stance and that has really taken my skiing back about 2 moderate breakthroughs... :(.  With the beast i seemed to be flexing the boot well and could feel it flex when i ski, the agents...well it feels like my shin is going up agaist a rock...except maybe on groomers.  i like the fit of the agents on my foot, but i am leaning to going back to the beast 12 ( i only dumped it cause the liner became paper thin)  my best ski trip of my life at alta is coming up and i have unproven boots...enjoyment wise it might make sense to use the beasts as powder boots with an intuition liner and try to work up to the agents when i ski with my girlfriend lol
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