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2010 Olympic Hopefuls....

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After having spent time with Annie Black (ESA Coach) at Aspen Snowmass I started following her son Zack Black on the US Snowboard Team, which is looking pretty awesome.

Anyone have thoughts on who will complete the Olympic Team?

Snip from article 
Louie Vito still has the best chances of making the team with two second place finishes, even with his lackluster sixth place finish tonight. Lago, Bretz, J.J. Thomas, Luke Mitrani and Zack Black are all pretty much neck and neck with high finishes in the four qualifiers, which means there is no safe bet on which of them will make the cut. Only what happens at tomorrow's qualifier will seal the deal, and all five men have as much of a chance as the other.
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Chris Klug has made the team!  Check out the Denver Post story.
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 I think this is going to be a great team.  I'm a little bummed for Zack that he didn't make it, but he's fairly excited that he did as well as he did and pumped for his hopes in 4 years.

FYI, here is some info about Annie Black, Zack's mom, who is an ESA Coach.
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