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I've been wondering about this for awhile, and I'm curious as to whether its just coincidental, in my own specific case. Although I've been in my own industry for close to 30 years, I have never had the desire to become a fitness director. I am, however activle involved with instructor training.

By coincidence {or perhaps not} just about all of my favorite ski instrutors are ski school trainers. I often find this out AFTER I've taken a lesson with them.

My question to those of you who take lessons: Are industry trainers drawn to other trainers, directors to directors, or is it all just happenstance?
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Interestingly, some of the best ski teachers I
know or have known, don't teach. They either
get pulled up into administration (SSD, Supervisor, etc.), burn out, or end up talking/writing about teaching rather than actually doing it. Not a lot of real top-notch
veterans out there, like Nolo, that stay in the
trenches and do all the other stuff, too.
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That is what I was always afraid would happen to me! perhaps that's why I'm drawn to instructors who feel the same way.
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