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STROLZ The last Word

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     As you may or may not see,  my nickname is Strolz. I have been wearing Strolz Boots for 50 thats right 50, years. I am 67 years old. I live in the East where actually using the edges of the skis is very important. The best way to make that happen is to have a ski boot that is MADE for your foot. In order to fit Strolz boots you have to go to Lech Austria and train with the Strolz folks. Jeff Rich, a friend of mine did that. He writes articles on boot fitting in Ski Magazine. Martin Strolz was the greatest boot maker of his time. He made hiking boots and then started making ski boots. If you ever get a chance to go to Lech stop by the shop. It was voted the best retail shop in the world. Gold elevators ( no Kidding) take you to all the selling floors and the basement where the magic happens.
      I do not care if you think this is a promo for Strolz because I will talk all day to someone who is interested as I feel strongly about this stuff. So here we go. Better fire up your printers.
     All the bladders( AKA liners ) are hand made in the lech area, Making them is a cottage industry. They are all leather. Leather conforms to the boot better when you foam the liner ( no air pockets).
    First they put you in the boot shell barefoot and ask you to push your foot as far forward as possible. The tech looks down the rear of the shell and looks at the distance between you and it.
    Next we find out what kind of skier you are. We be thinking racer, beginner, advanced intermetzo yadda yadda. Strolz offers 4 flexes ( stifness) variartions. If you know objectively about your skiing , realy know, then we can mix up the top cuff and the sole with two different stiffnesses. Which needless to say. I do.
    Ok we got the bladder aned the shell. Next we make an orthotic.  NOT A FOOTBED...  NOT A FOOTBED..Get IT. After that long process is finished , we finally grt to the real thing.
     The real thing ,being foaming you in the boot. Guess what. I bet both you feet are not the same. I will bet the mortgage that you do not live in thoe two small Italian towns that make 90% of all the ski boots in the world. Guess what else. you probably don't have a European foot last ( shape) . We Americans have wide beefy feet. Euros have low volume feet.
    This is why you are here spending six hours to do this. Strolz will get it right. The chemicals are mixed and the foam is injected into your bladder and if all goes well will exit the front tubes. You have to pull down using handlebars to set your foot properly on the orthotic. Wait about five minutes frozen stock still, then is the comming out party. Those of you who have done this should be laughing. You can have a color choice of buckles, my wife had palm trees For the last fify years that I'm aware of the boots are black. All the bells and whistles are on the inside of the boots. They do not have to make your boots look like a Christmas tree to sell them to you because you already know. Those are the people who get Strolz Boots.
    After you are wearing them for a while someone will eventually ask you what kind of boots are you wearing. You will say Strolz. They and all the folks who work in Telluride ,will not know. I called them. But once in a while maybe only once a year someone will ask you " Are those Strolz Boots" You will say yes, they will stare frozen in time at them, then they will start to cry. This happened only once. Most want to know everything about them and won't leave you alone.
     Parting comments. You will keep the buckles as loose as possible, you don't need them . I drive my friends crazy. Me and my boots know that it's the foam that is doing almost all the work. Do not loosen the buckles when you have lunch, your feet are cozy. Give away your boot heaters because the pressure is equalized all over you foot so we get good blood flow which needless to say means warm feert.  Oh by the way, Your skiing just jumped up a major third in technique. You can feel your edges bite the length of the ski if you have chosen to actually bend it to make that happen.
     This boy skis 120 days a year. This boy has been skiing 50 years. And while I have done my fair share of Re Hab, every day has been on a Strolz Boot. You older folks, remember Lang Boots. They were so painful that they drove a fair share of people out of skiing. If you are serious about this sport, If you keep your skis tuned (sharp) , if you ski a lot of days to make them pay for themselves, go for it. Google Strolz for locations. If you are Skiing St . Anton, Lech get them there.  Rember all those guys who look so relaxed, and carve those beautiful arcs in the snow , I'm one of them. I should be after all that time. Seriously There is nothing even near the boot fitting ritual like Strolz. When your friend in in a ski shop looking for boots. casually mention to the boot fitter? that you have Strolz boots. Naturally most will ask you what kind of a boot is that. Fine. Once in a while a boot fitter will know about them, look at the ceiling and walk away because he knows every thing he is selling is second best.  They don't advertise. They do not neerd to.. You go to them. not the other way arround.
     Now you have the whole story. For a thousand bucks they are worth it. Would you wear your friends ski boots? If you ain't foamed into yours you might as well wear his when he's not skiing. Think about it. I know I have been going on and on, but this is the first time I have seen anything on the web about Strolz. I hope this has been interesting reading. PS I have a lot of friends that don't have Strolz. They just don't get it. They come up to a size 15 and have a super wide shell if you need them.
     I'm out of here. Going to Telluride. Couldn't afford Austria. Maybe next year. I'm out of this site also and probably won't return to it. Just to busy skiing and recovering.. Good luck. Strolz    Sugarbush Skiier. Where we actually use the edges when we ski.................just kidding   bye bye
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You are aware that ski boots by every manufacture are made in different last sizes, with heat moldeable liners. Lastly I would hardly call the Strolz footbed an Orthotic. Just another trim to fit molded footbed.
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This is revolutionary!  We never thought about any of this.

A boot-fitting professional finds out what your unique foot shape is.

The professional fits your foot to the shell of the boot.  Why would you want to do that?  Part of their inscrutable wisdom, I guess.

Then you are asked what kind of skier you are to determine the flex needed?  Revolutionary, I tell ya.

And then you get foamed liners.  Because your feet aren't the same!  Remarkable.

Cherry on top of the sundae?  Buckles per your choice!  Because you know boots, and they don't have to be attractive, therefore they should be ugly.

I'm gonna pass-out from all this revolution...  too dizzy...
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Originally Posted by Strolz View Post
. You older folks, remember SCOTT Boots. They were so painful that they drove a fair share of people out of skiing. 

Fixed it fer ya
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