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Park City First Week of April

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New to the forum and thought you could be of great help.

Thinking of traveling to Park City the first week of April.  We are traveling with a 17 year old and a two yearl old.  Mommy and the little one will be hanging at the lodge while the hubby skies and my son snowboards.

Wanted recommendations of where we could ski and snowboard as I have seen that some mountains don't do snowboarding. 

Also looking for lodging recommendations.  We are not looking to spend a high amount but also don't want something dumpy.  When we went to Brenckenridge, we stayed at the ski in/out that had apartment like rooms with a small kitchen which is great with little ones.

Any extra information is also welcomed as we are newbies!

Look forward to hearing from all the experts.
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I am fairly sure that those resorts are getting ready to close.  You could get fresh snow, but you can also get mostly slush at that time of year, but you can get that anywhere in April.  Spring will be coming on strong.  The resorts will be past their prime in Park City in April.  There will be tons of lodging choices for you. 
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You should be good to go from April 1-10.  Anything after that, the resorts do tend to close.  Not for lack of snow, mind you.  Snowbird usually stays open longer, often into Memorial Day.
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