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Hi, I am 5 feet 5 250 pounds.  I am a intermediate -advanced but am not too agressive.  I took my skis and boots to a local shop and had the bindings of my new skis/bindings adjusted to my boots.  Even tho I was skiing expert runs last year (had injury which caused me to put on weight, so am more int right now) I am not very aggressive so I told shop I am a level 2.  They set the din to 10.  I was skiing today, and fell.  I was going slow and fell forward.  My left leg didnt come out of my ski at first, and my heel came up like 2 inches up the boot (like 1/3rd the way OUT OF MY BOOT) before my ski came off.  I was on the snow for a while because my knee hurt, finally made it down but have a strained knee.  I dont have alot of money so usually just do my bindings myself, I think in the past I have set them to like 8.  I paid like $50 to have my bindings done and new skis "tuned".   The shop had me sign something that they couldnt test the binding because they didnt have the equipment (think pressure testing?  Stress testing?  Something like that).  Was my din set correctly?
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