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Freehand Mount Tips

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Crazy? Sure it is....but I'm looking at mounting a ski that is 105 underfoot. I'm a shop-rat so I know the mounting process works, but I've never had a request to mount a ski 105 under foot. We don't have a jig that wide and I know the boss won't get one...so any quick tips on this before I get out the ruler and measure away? By the by it's my own ski... :
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If you are mounting Markers, then remove the rubber feet on the jig to see if you get it to open enough. Probably not, but worth a shot.
Next, I would make a paper template of the hole pattern for your binding using the jig. This will give you the spacing.
Remember, you want to know where the CENTER of the holes want to be.
Tape the strip of paper onto an old ski, place jig on ski drop drill bit onto paper causing a dimple on paper, mark dimples with a pencil.
Dimpled hole pattern must be CENTERED on paper.
Place paper template CENTERED on ski to be mounted.
You are trying to re-create a template such as the one that comes with an EPB or other lifter.
Not a fun, easy or quick project, but works (with practice)....
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you can use "C" clamps to hold the vice to the ski once you get them centered.
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Get your hands on one of the plastic templates that retailers use to display bindings. The hole patterns are there. Put 2 marks on the template in relation to centerline of the ski, on for the toe, one of the heel. (Based on your bootsole length) Whalah, instant cheapo jig. I typically tape it onto the ski (lotsa tape) to make sure it doesn't budge.

- Paul
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