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Squaw trees

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I am an east coaster who lived in CO for years and is headed to Tahoe for my first time.  Snowbird and Steamboat are my fav resorts so I now need to check out Squaw. It is a work trip so I am only getting one day in (Sunday) so am looking on advice as to where the best trees are on the mountain.  Hoping for some advice since it is a big mountain and surely I could waste half of it going to the wrong areas!

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I'm from the Northeast and skied Squaw last year and enjoyed a lot of nice tree lines on Snow King.  I'm far from being a Squaw expert though.

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You can take Red Dog to find some tree skiing
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Why ski trees at squaw? You might as well go to Heavenly or any where else in Tahoe. Go for the incredible open bowl skiing @ Squaw.
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If you only have 1 day in Tahoe, Squaw is definitely the mtn to hit.  Since you say the bird and the boat are your type of resorts, here are some suggestions for expert terrain at Squaw.

The legendary KT-22 - Anything, except the saddle, is good off of this lift.
Headwall - Cornice bowl
Emmigrant - The Funnel
Granite Chief - check out the terrain to the right of the chair
Silverado - Bailey's Cirque
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