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Hotronic vs Thermic

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 Does anyone have a preference? And if possible list the pros and cons of each?

In the last few years I've been having a really hard time keeping my toes warm. More than cold, if I don't go in and warm up after only a short time on the slopes, the front of my foot will go numb.
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I have seen less issues with the hotronics overall.   Thermic seem to have more bells and whistles, but more options = more that will go wrong.
If you have good dealer support both do the same overall thing.
My store only sells hotronics, but we do about the same numnbers of warranties for both (we help people out and carry thermic parts for when stuff goes wrong)
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Our shop has worked with both companies and we find hotronics a much better system. Hotronics is a more user friendly battery and clip systems are better. Being from the Boston area hotronic is based in Vt. If you have a problem with the system turnaround time on warranty is quick.
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