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I am a level 8 skier, heavy (230), who loves to carve. My everyday ski is the Fischer SC Pro (170). I am looking for a second ski that can annihilate crud, and is very stable in GS type turns, and is decent in mild powder. I'm looking at the Dynastar Legend Sultan 85, the Volkl AC 50, Head Peak 88, and the Atomic Crimson TI.
  Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Dynastar 4x4 in either 172 or 178, I'm 220lbs and prefer the 172 in similar Midwestern conditions.
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I like head's supershapes (my ski's) and the supershape magnum's (both are quite nice)... I've heard good things about the AC 50, and while i'm not sure what has changed since the old 2005 model i've skied the Fishcer RX8's, and I always that they were an awesome carver.
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 Those are all good skis you are looking at. Think about Kastle's MX88 (or perhaps even the MX98) as well.
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Thanks guys for the info so far. Kinalis-I had a pair of the Head Supershapes (175)-I liked them but like the Fischers even better. Epic-would love to try the MX/FX 88-but they are hard to find and very expensive.
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You have a short turn ski that can handle icy conditions, so I think you are right to look at a bit wider ski.  AC50 and IM88 will serve you well as stiffer crud busting sticks.  Not sure about the Sultan 85, as I think it's a bit softer than the AC50 or IM88.  Do a search for the Sultan 85 as I know others have been on these quite a bit and done reviews.  You might want to consider the Pro Rider if you want a Dynastar, everyone loves them for crud.  If you are partial to Fischers, you might want to look for a pair of Cool Heat as a wider, stiffer ski.

Good luck in you search!

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