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I actually saw this thing in a TD back home and laughed my ass off! The first thing that occured to me is that they were smiling because they just ripped the boards off from some young wipper-snappers,and are actually wearing  their own boards/skis at the time.
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They are obviously just courteous skiers wearing their skis on the chairlift while downloading.  They are downloading because they found someone had left some trash left all over the trails.  They figured they'd do the mountain a favor and pick it up and throw it into the trash can at the base.
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Originally Posted by lady_Salina View Post

I think it's really funny because it is my personal bank in Canada and because I worked for the Canadian banking industry for 15+ years.  It's such a big deal when a new investment campaign comes out.  They send video promos to all the branches of what's to come and the commercials and posters that will be arriving.  I seriously can't believe that no one sitting in the board room when this was unveiled skied or snow boarded.  Worse, no one in the advertising company, paid to come up with this, noticed? I'm sure the branch employees must have laughed when they saw it but then again, they are so over worked in a branch it was probably just a chore to go hang it on the whatever board in the what ever window and never even look at it. 

It is seriously too funny.  Maybe I'll send my branch a link to this forum.

Jan 26, 2009

Hi lady_Salina:

This was my mother's bank as well and she got excellent service from them for 15 years (branch corner of Yonge and Cummer, Toronoto, CA). With that said, they really don't "get it".  Funny video.

Think snow,

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They arnt downloading sheesh its just beyond passing one lift tower and heading towards the next ,you know right where it sags.
I know cause my wife told me so!!
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Well I sent an email to customer service at TD with a link to this forum.  They have informed me that will be forwarded to the correct department.  I really hope someone clicks the link and comes here to read this, cause this is hilarious!  And I never told Old Boot such things.
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You can see in the link that they are     'sigh'     wearing snowboard boots. 
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Originally Posted by SpikeDog View Post

You can see in the link that they are     'sigh'     wearing snowboard boots. 

Yes, the link makes it all clear.  They obviously went up the mountain, got really scared when they saw what they had to come down and made an arrangement to ride the chair back down to the bottom with their gear.  The smiles on their faces having nothing to do with their great retirement and everything to do with how foolish they feel riding the chair back to the bottom while everyone else is heading up.
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Yeah, I also emailed them and told them that they were the talk of a ski message board and obviously had not quite understood that if they were targeting skiers that maybe they should get it right. 
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To be fair, TD Canada Trust is headquartered in Toronto....not exactly the middle of ski country.  

But yeah, pretty funny.  I mean really, who pops their goggles on the lift?
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LOL,  Hey, I pop my goggles on the lift! 

Toronto is a greater Metro area of 10 million plus.  There is the Collingwood Ski Hills 1.5 hours from there and at least 10 % of the population each week heads up there for skiing in the winter and golfing and windsurfing in the summer.  There is a HUGE skiing base in the Toronto metro area.  There is also Glen Eden Ski Hill that caters to Toronto's children with after school programs and runs numerous group lessons each evening for 8 weeks all winter.  It's a HUGE sport there though, not quite as big as hockey.  All the schools go north to ski with the kids for two or three ski days a year from Toronto, all it's suburbs and near by cities.  Those TD managers, I'm positive if they don't ski due to lack of time, while their in working their better half and children are at the condo in the village base at Blue Mountain or up the hill in a seasonal chalet. 

You would be amazed how much Ontario and Toronto considers it's winter wonderland and 750 vertical hills to be the mecca of ski country.  They really should have known.  I think it's quite funny it got past everyone as is.
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Lady Salina your knowledge of "the centre of the universe" is frightening.

I take it you are an expat of some sort?

I have a cottage up near Collingwood, we avoid it all costs in winter.  The attitude of the typical Toronto person at Blue Mountain (minus any bears out there of course) is something to behold.  You would think you were at Kitzbuhel or LaGrave or some other "big mountain" place like Blue Mountain.  I guess I cannot blame Blue Mountain, more of an Intrawest and the folks they market to I guess... It is a d-bag mecca of sorts.

The best part of that place is when approaching it from the East there is a giant billboard promoting Big White in BC (my "home" hill)   </rant>
Thank you for listening.
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Hmm Billboard must be on 26, don't think Ive seen it. ya she is an expat. We use to live on Osler bluff road. You could get a seasons night pass for 29 bucks, only Big baby and O hill had lights back then. Was almost only locals all week then came Interawest. I cant believe how much time share and condos you can get in that small of space. I would hate to see the uphill stats now with all those lifts, but I do know on a busy day across the whole acreage you can't have more then 20ft of open area in any direction.
Its sure exciting!!
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Originally Posted by Old Boot View Post

Its sure exciting!!

LOL, yes, Old boot likes to line up all the bowling pins *cough* I mean people in white and black bogner snow suits and pick the free lane down the middle, flailing his arms, screaming "Look OUT Below, I can't stop", knowing the 6 foot span of his arms should manage to collect a few.
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So, as a post script to this....

Two weeks ago Monday I found out I was getting downsized from Big Blew... It was a huge shock considering I had only been there 3 years and when they do these quarterly celebrations of profitiability (Resource Actions) it is usually the longer serving folks who get hit....  Anyways, I have manage to secure a new job, you guessed it with TD...  Does this mean I have to defend this campaign?  I will try to procure a poster and sell it for a tidy profit in the classifieds...

Pretty strange how the world works sometimes...
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The add is perfect for their intended audience.  They don't know anything about snowboarding, so the flaws will pass by.  It just shows them retired early with time  enough and money enough to doi something perceived as young and hip with money to spend on paraphernalia associated with it before they are too old and decrepit to do so.  It appeals to their desire to be young and their greed.  Just what I would expect from a bank. 
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LOL Ghost.  I would believe that after being in a bank for 15 years but....TD is different!  They are the people's bank (they are not the bank I worked for).  Good luck with working for them Skiandrun, I hope it all works out for you and I'm sure they give their employees as much listen as they give their customers or their employees would be as wonderful as they are.  As a customer there for the past 10 years, they have really gone out of their way when ever I needed something.  At least at my little branch they are tops.
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You guys and gals can laugh all you want but I bought shares in TD Bank years ago for $32 and last time I checked they were at $72. Now I'm laughing all the way to the (TD) bank!
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