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FS: XL outerwear

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So, I have a problem buying softshells and outerwear, if I kind of like it I buy it, wear it for a little bit then never wear it again because I've bought something new or went back to an old trusted softshell that I've had forever.

Anyway, its time to get rid of some stuff I never use anymore, the prices INCLUDE SHIPPING to the lower 48:

XL REI soft shell.  I bought this a few months ago, thinking it would be warmer than my north face volt soft shell, but its about the same, so I don't really have any use for it.  http://www.rei.com/product/778659  its that jacket, I bought it when it was $120 but used a member discount to get it down to around $90ish.  I only wore it a few times. 
I'm going to ask $75 for it.

Blurr Public Hoodie, its wind and water resistant and has a DWR coating, it also has fleece on the inside so its pretty warm! (those spots are just from the flash or something, they're not actually on the jacket)

XL Session pants I bought to fit over my knee brace a few years ago (they're a little baggy) they're 10k waterproof and breathable and have Recco


NWT DC hoodie that's lined with some fake fur.  bought it on SAC a few months ago and it wasn't really what I was looking for (it has fur all the way through and it super warm)  never got around to returning it to SAC


XL Adidas Golf Windbreaker - yeah its not a ski jacket, but I don't wear it and only wore it a few times, so i figured I would throw it in this mix of things.  its water resistant too!


Thanks for taking a look, feel free to post any questions of send me a PM.  Also if you would like more pictures please let me know and I'll get them to you asap. 


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Best offers? 
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 Inseam on the pants, please?
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Sorry, I've been away...  The inseam is a hair over 33 inches
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