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first time on skis in 20 years.

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I found my old boots all cracked and broken ,so got new Head edge + gm boots.and went to Lake Louise ,What a change .. They have a 6 person gondola from the bottom to top.I skied off it all day. I'm sure this is the future of lifts,no wind ,more secure feeling,and moves a lot of people. I met some kids who worked at the rental shop ,they saw my old long staight skis and told me if I rented some I could buy em if I liked them.I bought some Head Monster liquid metal intelligence ,with bindigs for $325. Todat I see them in the store for $899.00 no bindings. I really like the way they feel.
 They have a bus from Calgary to L.L also to Sunshine ski hill for $90.00 .Thats good because you don't have to buy the $9.00 park pass and with lift tickets being $76.00 I think it is ,you can't beat it .
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Having fun! Was there a question in there?  I'm wondering how you got your new boots mounted onto your 20 year old ski/bindings. It is unlikely they are indemnified.  Did you do it yourself?

I'm glad your boots were cracked and broken when you found them and not taken on a hill only to break on your first run.  Not a pretty picture.

Head Skis are pretty darn nice and the Liquid Metal technology pretty darn remarkable, Especially when you find yourself banging away on hard packed/icy condidtions.

Keep acquiring advice as you go. There have been a few changes in the past 20 years.

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 Welcome to EpicSki!
Glad Lake Louise treated you well on your return to skiing.  
New boots and skis..........sounds like you're in for some fun on the slopes!
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Yeah ,I just mounted the new boots in my old bindings ( tyrolia 490"s) my self..I just had to move the rear of the binding back a bit. I forgot how much fun sking is. I plan to go tomorrow too.I may try Sunshine this time.
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Now consider getting footbeds!  There is probably no better way to improve your performance and fit and comfort than inserting a set in your boots.  There are several avenues to pursue in this regard.  You can modify your alignment and improve your performance and footbeds are the first step. Shape skis encourage you to come across the ski, that is, get the ski on edge without having to flex into the front of the ski and flex it as you did in the past to create a carving arc.

Hope you are having fun!
(I was Private User before. Not sure why!)
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