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Working on cross under

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I was at a nearby short slope, when I decided to try to do some practice turns. The slope is very short, but might just suffice for some drills.

Well anyway, what I noted was that when I cross under, I find it difficult to end the extension of the legs. I turn up with legs too straight midturn and some turns I even started to straighten out the upper body.
It feels like it's some kind of skischool drill that subconsiously pops up. Could it be?

I also tried to not do this, but it resulted in that I never extended the legs instead.

How do you quit the extension phase? When?
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Trying to change the timing of flexing and extending motions in a turn can be very difficult once they are habitual. Making very large radius turns on easy green terrain can help give you enough time to concentrate on the different phases of the turn individually. That might help.
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