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Here is a basic question:

What makes a ski/snowsport school great ?

Let's hear it all, seriuos, silly, expencive,cheap, etc. You know, if you were the ruler of snowsports what would your school be like?
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That's a lousy post.
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That is one thing I like to see.
Good ski schools will have students that want to come back, if a student can see the results of their lessons this also is good. I am not saying a beginner will be a pro right off the bat, but if they can ski the type of runs they want then theyre having fun, and in the process learned the techniques to ski that terrain.
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Ah, one of my most favorite topics!
Its starts when someone first makes an inquiry phone call. Do they get an answering machine? If so, how long does it take to get a rephone call? You can have the best instructors in the world, but if you insist on hiring bimbo receptionists, nobody will know how good they are.

Do the instructors truly care about the students, or are they to ski for free? Are they resentful when they have to teach any level lower than 6?

Are the instructors a team, or are they too busy competing with each other to perform quality teaching?

Does the school use a variety of techniques, or are they stuck to the dogma of a specific style?

Do they offer specific types of interesting workshops? Do they have things that will appeal to both genders, different age groups, and ability levels?

Do they discount a lift ticket if someone shells out the money for lessons?

Will the ski school director return a phone call if somone makes a complaint about an instructor?

Do they provide more than one brand of boot rental for new students? How carefully do they teach students how to put on their boots? Are the instructors at least a little bit knowledgable about equipment? Are they able to make some suggestions about ski length, etc?

Do they promote comraderie amongst the students?

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by mawk:
What makes a ski/snowsport school great?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

The Parties
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All of the above +

the rookie female instructors

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Lisa Marie's reply gave me a few things to think about! Her points are very germaine.

A good ski school needs a healthy atmosphere. Comparing my US hill to my Oz one, I have to say that a good proportion of older, experienced pros to young ones is very important (US hill was great for that). A good training ethic is important. Decent pay is important. A good customer-focussed attitude goes without saying.

I'm describing my US hill here, except the pay bit which was woeful.
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Ant, my favorite Aussie friend, where have you been, girl?
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I have been very fortunate to see what can make a ski school great. From the inside it is seeing instructors there 30 minutes before the lifts open. They find the clinics they want to attend for the day or gather a few other instructor for a few laps off the top prior to lineup.
Either way, when they get down to line up, they are happy, laughing, and wide eyed. This is the view our guest get. Whoa!!! These guys and gals are excited about somethin'"

As a trainer you want to create that. But you know that the curiosity/desire must be there first. We just try to build on the learning... it can show in the teaching.

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Well here comes winter again! And with it a great answer to a question about what makes a good ski school.

Lisamarie , I think you have hit it right square on the head. All the things that you mentioned, I believe , are essential to a good healthy ski school.

Does the school use a variety of techniques, or are they stuck to the dogma of a specific style?<<

I think that a "ski school" should operate with a guideline, a teaching plan, PSIA. But individual Pros should have there own bag of tricks. And those tricks shouldn't deviate from the general guidelines of how to teach the skills of snow skiing that the ski school feel that there Pros should teach.


Do they provide more than one brand of boot rental for new students? How carefully do they teach students how to put on their boots? Are the instructors at least a little bit knowledgeable about equipment? Are they able to make some suggestions about ski length, etc?<

I know that there are some schools that have there own ski shop, rental store, etc. And that the Pros that teach at a mountain that has these shops, should be aware of the products offered in them. But there are schools that have to depend on shops in the area to provide equipment to the guests, and not all equipment is created equal. [img]smile.gif[/img] This is one of the problems we had here at Snowmass last year with our new Beginners Magic program. We would have guests showing up on inappropriate equipment for the program, and have to send them back to get the right stuff. We are working very hard in remedying this, and hope to have it working this season.

But again, most of what you said I agree with. And if all schools had and did the thinks you mentioned, it would be the wonderful world of ski school. [img]smile.gif[/img]

I am looking forward to the ski season and arguing with all of you about technique. [img]smile.gif[/img] Let the games begin!-------Wigs
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Hey great stuff!
Lisamarie - you gotta list Girl!
But ALL valid.
Even OZ and company the Party crowd are part of keeping the TEAM sane throught the season! (watch out guys even the brightest stars tend to dim a bit after a solar flare or two)

SNOW and GO are the two elements that make it great for me. I recomdned a BIG sign that says NO STANDING INSTRUCTORS HERE!
The more the team GO's the more they learn and have FUN! Yeah FUN!
Even Oz and his brothers in crime are here to have FUN, I am reffering to on the SNOW, OH that too, well I am talking about SNOW SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS! ALL SNOW SPORTS!
Seriously, the students want to be on the GO. I did not hear nor do I see a bunch of students in a classroom sitting at desks learing about this physics law or that to have fun. First day Technique is back seat to getting GOing and having FUN. Second day we SAW from the first, (if we have good demonstration) what the Technique is BUT we probably still have littel of it. Third day they do resemble skiers a bit. ALL of this is indicative or directly realted to the amount of MILES they had on the SNOW.

A SCHOOL that GO's!
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students leaving the hill better skiers than when they arrived.
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Hiya Lisamarie....well although EpicSki is awesome, it loads slowly on a slow I come when I can. And you have to engage more of one's brain when one is here, unlike some bits of the net.

You might be aware of some unpleasantness on a usenet ski forum over the past few years. Sadly, they have finally "got to" me so I've had lawyers and stuff, and using my work computer has been curtailed thanks to what these guys have been up to. sigh! It's quite draining. Oh well.
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Ant, all that happened before I began skiing, but my husband told me about a bit of it. My heart goes out to you. Its bad enough dealing with net creeps in cyberspace, let alone the real word. Good luck. Try to stay centered, both phusically and mentally.

Jonathan, you have hit on something very important. I love it wwhen my instructors are excited about training workshops they have attended. Especially since in my industry, I am the same way.
From the stuff you describe on Epicski, I think your instructors show so much enthusiasm is because they get to work with you. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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