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East coast tele skier (switched to tele only a few years ago).  Alpine skier since I was a kid, raced in HS.  Looking to add an alpine ski to the mix.  I already have a new alpine boot.

Advanced to expert (Level 8-9), can handle all terrain well. 
42 y.o.  5'10" 175lbs

I ski a fairly light, soft tele ski 82mm waist in 167cm (went short for ease in the trees).

I do a lot of resort skiing and want a stiff carver for those days when I want to charge the steep on hard, maybe icy, days.  I will use my tele gear on soft, cruddy or powder days.

I prefer working short turns down the fall line...probably the ex-racer in me, but also like to open it up to full speed GS turns as well.  I do not want a true race ski...been there, done that.

After several weeks of searching and reading a ton of reviews, forums (including this one), company web sites, etc.  I have narrowed the selection down to three skis:

-K2 Crossfire
-Volkl Tigershark 10
-Dynastar Contact Cross TI

Based on their construction, radius and sidecut I think they represent what I am looking for.   I would love to hear some direct feedback on the distinctions between the three.  I prefer input from those who have actually skied at least 2 of the 3 skis on the list.

I am fine with suggestions for other models but I am pretty certain I will go with a ski from this list.

Thanks in advance to all for your is greatly appreciated!